Why is Color Correction in eCommerce important and How To do

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Why is Color Correction in eCommerce important and How To do

Now for this one moment, consider yourself a customer. You want to buy a summer dress, you look for it and find thousands of results on your screen – what factor would define your first pick? I believe the one that looked most attractive.

I can conclude this because that’s what happens to me too! As soon as we look at a mouth-watering, hypnotizing image, we forget what’s the brand, what’s the price, or where it is located for that moment.

That is where the significance of color correction in eCommerce comes into play. You can’t directly just click and post images online as raw images may not attract as many shoppers as the ones which are professionally corrected.

If you qualify at this first stage of encouraging a customer to buy a product from you, i.e alluring them by showing a very attractive and professional image – more than 50% of your work is done. 

Acknowledging the significance of color correction in eCommerce and using this amazing technique in Photoshop to improve your photo quality can make your business competition worthy.

Things I Will Be Covering In This Article:

  • What Is Color Correction?
  • Significance Of Color Correction In eCommerce
  • Steps to Perform Color Correction In Photoshop

What Is Color Correction?

Color Correction is the process that helps you transform the visual tone of a photo. You can simply correct the various details of an image using color correction to make it more attractive and beautified. 

Color Correction mainly focuses on the alterations in the contrast, exposure, white balance,  noise, and highlight.

Product Photo Editing software like Photoshop gives you the ability to understand the significance of color correction in digital images, perform color correction, and make some creative transformations in a photo.

Significance Of Color Correction In eCommerce Photo Editing

A photo can seem boring without color correction in eCommerce especially. It isn’t the modern world that probes the feeling of having fun and excitement in a photo. It goes back to the 1900s where the world only had black and white movies to see, and the director of the movie ‘The Cupid Angel’ felt the need to add color in his movies to improve the taste of stories he wanted to convey.

So we do not need a huge team now to make color correction in a photo to make it appealing, but only a single individual can perform the work. Professionals use modern software and tools to improve photo quality as they too understand the significance of color correction in eCommerce.

Color Correction In eCommerce can harvest various benefits, namely:

Bring the Most Out of Your Image: The colors you define in a product or the model presenting it may come out differently on your camera. If you think your captured photo scores 30, color correction can make it 80. Color correction enables you to enhance the quality of your image without losing its original essence.

Boost Your Social Media Response: It makes me local when I see how people have become die-hard fans of social media platforms. There are 3.96 billion people using social media today, which gives a fair chance to you of engaging an enormous amount of consumers.

People like, comment, and share daily. Social media has given them a voice to share their opinions and spread the word about ‘what to and what not to’ buy online. And here, it’s only the photos that get the highest attention. With this, the significance of color correction in eCommerce is to make your product photos stand out with color correction techniques.

  • As per GlobalWebIndex, 2018: 54% of social browsers use social media to research products.
  • According to Forbes, 2018: 71% of consumers who have had a positive experience with a brand on social media are likely to recommend the brand to their friends and family.

Boost Your eCommerce Sales: As I explained the significance of color correction in eCommerce, you must have got the idea that it can bring your product photos in limelight and make customers aware of your brand.

Once people start noticing your astounding images, color correction techniques won’t allow them to take their minds off of your product! Be it on social media, your website, Google Shopping, or any other platform, the color correction will not let you down in catching more eyes, putting more life into your products, and consequently heightening your eCommerce sales.

  • As per Meero: Photo quality to be the most important factor in an online sale is confirmed by 90% of online buyers.
  • 78% of people who shop online want photographs to bring products to life.

Corrects Unpleasant Aspects And Creates Balance: Businesses hire well-known photographers and own the best digital camera brands to get that perfect, captivating photo of their product. And these well-known photographers hire a well-known product photo editor who can perform color correction!

This means that only a good camera brand and amazing photography skills are just not enough to get that one bewitching masterpiece – at least not in 2020, I must say.

The significance of color correction in eCommerce teaches us that the product photo editing is very ‘significant’ to each and every photo of your product as it helps to create a white balance, correct blurry images, add pleasant visual tones, and bring harmony to the complete photo.

I have shared with you the points not just based on my opinions but on the facts of how color correction can help your eCommerce business. I have focused on the significance of color correction in eCommerce a lot because it is true, and there is no way to deny that. I use Photoshop for this, so let’s begin to learn how you can achieve color correction in your product photos.

Steps To Perform Color Correction In Photoshop

After understanding the significance of color correction in eCommerce, it is time to create some of your own creations. 

Step 1: Open your product image in Photoshop > Duplicate the layer (I recommend this because all the changes will be done on this layer and it will be easier to check the difference later)

Color Correction in eCommerce

Step 2: Go to the Title bar > Select ‘Camera Raw Filters’ (Ctrl+Shift+A for Win., Command+Shift+A for Mac.)

Step 3: You will be presented with all the adjustment tools. Select the White Balance tool (looks like a color picker tool) >Select on the lightest (white) part of the image to check the White Balance.

Step 4: You can now adjust the exposure, saturation, and make other adjustments as required.

When you look at these two images, you can realize the significance of color correction in eCommerce. A minor change can transform an image completely.

Bottom Line

In the world of eCommerce, selling is not just limited to where the business is located, it has given it the flexibility to reach every corner of the globe and mark its presence. With growing eCommerce platforms it is mandatory to stand out and compel people to pick your product first. This can be achieved by showing attractive product images at the very first. The more they will get attracted to your product image, the more they will want to explore it further.

The significance of color correction in eCommerce is growing and will continue to grow. With the help of the color correction technique, you can improve your product photo quality and make this possible. I believe that with the awareness of product photo editing and great efforts, you can make your product jump right into the customers’ cart

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