5 TikTok Marketing Ideas That’ll Grow Your Online Business

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5 TikTok Marketing Ideas That’ll Grow Your Online Business

Since its release in 2016, Tiktok has spread like fire. It is available in 154 countries with 40 different languages. By being so easily available, popular, and free, TikTok has become a great platform to market your products and grow online.

More than half of the population is engaged with this amazing short video app and online business owners are taking advantage of it with some of the best TikTok marketing ideas.

But the best part is, the concept of TikTok marketing is still new and online business owners aren’t using it the way they should be. So, this is your chance to keep up with the TikTok trends and build a strong TikTok marketing strategy and seize the opportunity.

Today, I’ll be telling you everything you need to know about TikTok marketing and sharing with you the 5 best TikTok ideas to grow your business online.

How Does TikTok Marketing Work?

TikTok Marketing

TikTok marketing involves using TikTok to promote a brand, products, or services. It includes following different TikTok trends and TikTok ideas to engage people.

TikTok marketing is best to spread awareness about the business and promote products with the intention to grow traffic, sales, and goodwill.

TikTok marketing also involves the use of various marketing strategies like influencer marketing, creating online viral content, or running TikTok ads.

Is TikTok Good For Marketing?

TikTok is an amazing platform to market your business, products, and services online. It has more than 1.2 billion active users. With so many people engaging with TikTok, there is a huge target audience available for every business in one place.

If you’re already active with your social media marketing strategy, then you should make TikTok marketing a part of it.

How Do I Promote My Product On TikTok?

Using TikTok marketing to promote your product is easy. All you need is to take care of the little things that make a huge difference such as:

1. Talk about your brand in the bio

TikTok Marketing

Use your bio section as the representative of your brand. Though the space is very less, be more creative. Use the catchy words that directly connect with your brand and explain what you do, what you stand for, and why you’re the best at what you do.

A few good TikTok bios could be:

  • For a smoothie business: “A glass full of health served with flavors to keep your cravings at bay
  • For a product photographer: “Helping you attract more customers with professional and engaging photography
  • For a fashion eCommerce: “Filling your wardrobe with styles that you can’t resist💅👗

2. Add a CTA

TikTok Marketing

Content without a Call To Action is content wasted. Whether you’re a brand or not, you’re creating content with an aim. So, you must fulfill that aim with a CTA in your TikTok marketing.

If you’re here to gain more likes, ask your viewers to hit that like button. If you’re here for subscribers, ask them to hit the subscribe button.

Now, if you’re a brand, ask them either verbally or in the caption to visit your website at www.abc.com or mention the link to your website in the bio and ask them to click on that.

A CTA gives a direction to your viewers. They know that once they’re finished watching your TikToks, what they need to do. Though not every person may fulfill your CTA in TikTok marketing, you must be consistent to see the results.

3. Use the best hashtags

TikTok Marketing

Hashtags are the anchors to fetch your posts in the relevant search results and interests.

This is how it works – if you’re using #fashion in your caption, your posts would become relevant and shown to people interested in fashion or searching directly for the keyword Fashion.

Thus, you’ll want to make sure that you’re using a mix of currently trending as well as timeless hashtags to improve your reach and make your TikToks more powerful. Also, do not forget to mention at least one hashtag related to your brand name like #abcbrand.

4. Create engaging TikToks relating to your brand

TikTok Marketing

Now, this TikTok marketing idea is a no-brainer. You need to create attractive and highly-engaging TokToks around our brand and products to improve brand awareness and convert more.

So, what TikToks for your TikTok marketing can be made around your brand that is also engaging? Keep reading to know the best TikTok ideas to attract more customers.

5 Best TikTok Ideas To Attract More Customers

1. In-use

TikTok Marketing

The best and most trending TikTok marketing ideas are to create in-use product videos. If you’re selling makeup, clothing, jewelry, or footwear, show your product in use.

Show your customers how your product looks when using them and encourage them to be the ones to try it themselves.

You can also collaborate with influencers to use your products in their TikToks for better promotion and engagement.

When viewers watch people using your lipstick or foundation on their face, they can clearly see its look in real life and feel the desire to make the purchase.

And, it’s not just about the products, you can do the same for services too.

2. How to use

TikTok Marketing

Creating how to use product videos is another one of the best TikTok ideas. You can explain to your viewers how to use your product or the best way to use your product.

Such Tiktoks can be made for almost every type of product from jewelry to food, appliances, and more. These are not just educational but also very engaging and converting for your business.

3. Coming soon trailer

Making trailer videos are among the best TikTok ideas. People love suspense and trailers give them just that.

Create trailer TikToks for your upcoming products to give your shoppers to look something forward to. This creates excitement among your audience and makes them know more about it.

Make these TikToks as dramatic and suspenseful as possible and who knows, you might gain some followers to stay tuned.

4. Behind the scenes

TikTok Marketing

Viewers love it when you stay transparent with them. And, making behind-the-scenes TikToks is a great way to do that. 

Such videos make them feel more belonged and connected with your brand which is a huge factor in making long-term loyal customers.

5. Tips and hacks in your niche

TikTok Marketing

TikToks about tips and hacks are fun and engaging. These need not be only about your products but can be about anything related to your niche.

If you’re into niches like fashion or skincare, rather than talking about your fashion and beauty products, you may talk about home hacks, DIY skincare or clothing hacks, beauty tips, and more.

Bonus Read

TikTok marketing is a popular and effective way to market your products and boost your online business.

The creators of TikTok were pretty clear with their target audience and the app respectively turned out to be the success they expected. Today, businesses, shoppers, entertainers, and merely everyone are using TikTok to build a personal brand, grow themselves, and their business, and be a part of a community that is simply incredible.

I hope these TikTok ideas will help you grow your business as successful as this app is.

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