5 Best Squarespace Alternatives For Your Online Store

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5 Best Squarespace Alternatives For Your Online Store

Squarespace is an amazing website-building platform and it’s just perfect for small to medium-size businesses. But, if you’re here, you probably want to switch and look for better Squarespace alternatives.

Well, whether you’re looking for cheaper plans, enhanced functionalities, more features, or just bored, these 5 best Squarespace alternatives are meant for you.

5 Best Squarespace Alternatives

1. WordPress

WordPress - SquareSpace alternative

WordPress is a popular self-hosted platform and is one of the best Squarespace alternatives to building your website. It caters to all types of businesses and there are thousands of people already using it.

WordPress is way more flexible than Squarespace when it comes to customizations and templates. The best part is, that you can build your website on WordPress and install it seamlessly with almost every web hosting platform if you do not use its hosting itself.

If you choose from the free templates, you can build your website completely for free. However, if you buy any premium themes, you may have to pay extra charges.

WordPress becomes even more helpful and a much better Squarespace alternative if you’re building an eCommerce website. For that, you may easily integrate the WooCommerce plugin and it’ll make it seamless for you to list products, use payment gateways, and much more.

2. Webflow

Webflow - Squarespace alternative

Websflow is among the best Squarespace alternatives if you love customizations. Its drag-and-drop features make it super easy to design your website the way you want.

Webflow is the number one choice of developers and designers since it also gives you complete access to your site’s underlying HTML, Javascript, and CSS for deep customizations.

The basic plan of Webflow starts at just $12 per month which is way cheaper than Squarespace. However, if you do not need a platform that is too technical, then Webflow might not be the best choice for you.

3. BigCommerce

Bigcommerce - SquareSpace alternative

The reason why BigCommerce is one of the best Squarespace alternatives is that it’s perfect for everyone. Doesn’t matter if you’re a small or a large business, BigCommerce can accommodate all your needs.

From building the website to scaling it, BigCommerce will do it all. You would love BigCommerce because it requires zero technical knowledge and coding skills to build your website.

Its drag and drop features allow you to design and customize your website easily. This open-SaaS platform supports 55 payment gateways which is a huge advantage if you’re building an eCommerce website.

You get amazing features with every plan, deep SEO abilities, and a wonderful customer experience with great customer support that makes it one of the best Squarespace alternatives.

4. Weebly

Weebly- SquareSpace alternative

Weebly is one of the simplest platforms to build your website. The reason it’s among the best Squarespace alternatives is that its basic plan is completely free. With this, you can build your website and try its features to find out if you should go for the paid plans.

It allows you to use more than 360 third-party apps and gives you way more flexibility than Squarespace. Also, Squarespace may be great for a small to medium business, however, if you wish to scale and have a large business, then Weebly is good to accommodate you.

5. Shopify

Shopify- SquareSpace alternative

You must be already familiar with Shopify. With its rapid growth and beginner-friendly features, Shopify has made it on everyone’s list as one of the best website builders.

If you’re looking to start an eCommerce, then Shopify should be the best choice for you since it was made for that. It offers amazing features, beautiful templates, reliable support, and an amazing overall customer experience.

The basic plan starts at $26 per month. It may sound a bit on the expensive side, but given the features and performance, it might be worth it.

Bonus Read

Switching from one platform to another may sound like a struggle, but these 5 Squarespace alternatives make it super easy. You do not need to be at a place that doesn’t suit your needs.

Choose from these Squarespace alternatives and choose the best one for you. Be it related to pricing, features, flexibility, or support, these website builders will help you get the solution in every way possible.

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