5 Best Softbox Lighting Kits For Photography You Should Have

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5 Best Softbox Lighting Kits For Photography You Should Have

A softbox lighting kit is perfect for shooting subjects like portraits, products, accessories, or jewelry. For capturing such subjects, you must know that lighting plays a huge role in making or breaking a photo.

The factors affect much more especially when shooting indoors. But, thanks to some of the best softbox lighting kits that evenly and perfectly illuminate the subject and give you more control over lighting when shooting indoors.

These 5 best softbox lighting kits are excellent for shooting in a photography studio or even in a DIY home studio for photography.

5 Best Softbox Lighting Kits 

1. Aputure Amaran P60C

Softbox Light

This is the best softbox lighting kit that includes everything you need to start on the right foot. It has an ultra-high color rendering index of CRI95+ and TLCI96+.

It offers an illuminance of up to 5900 lux. It also allows you to adjust the color temperature between 2500K to 7500K, saturation, and other special effects with just one click on your mobile.

You get full control over colors with 46 different color gel presets and excellent brightness with its powerful output that can be powered using AC or batteries.

2. Neewer Softbox Kit

Softbox Light

Neewer Softbox Kit is a very cheap softbox given Neewer’s durability, reliability, and quality. If you’re looking for a complete package then this is the best softbox lighting kit.

It comes with two softboxes, 4 light stands, a backdrop with a backdrop support system, 2 umbrella reflectors, and more. The 4 45W CFL daylight bulbs offer a color temperature of 5500K that promises stunning illumination.

All the other elements are very durable to offer you a very long lifeline. It’s easy to set up and easy to transport, so no matter where you’re shooting, you can take it with you everywhere.

3. Fovitec SPK10-037 Lighting Kit

Softbox Light

Fovitec SPK10-037 softbox kit is one of the brightest softbox kits. You’ll be amazed by its performance and color accuracy.

The 5500K color temperature is optimum for daylight clarity and illuminating the subject as required.

In the kit, you get two 5-socket heads, one single-socket head, eleven 45W fluorescent lamps, one 4’5 boom stand, three 7’6” light stands, and one large carrying bag.

It’s a perfect softbox for professionals as well as beginners at a price of just $189.95. Its user-friendly controls for maximum flexibility and quality are simply the best things about this lighting kit.

4. RELLENO Softbox Kit

Softbox Light

This softbox kit is for professionals looking to open their studio. It comes with two 800W bulbs that produce excellent lighting. The 5070 nylon cloth evenly smoothens the light flow.

It also comes with two stands with a height-adjustable range between 27 to 83 inches. The strong locking system gives stability and the continuous flow of light.

Despite including so many things, it’s a portable softbox with high-quality aluminum alloy used for making the stands.

5. Inkeltech Softbox Lighting Kit

Softbox Light

Inkeltech Softbox Kit is the most budget-friendly choice on our list. This kit comes with two 50W dimmable LED lights with an adjustable color temperature of 3000K – 6500K.

You also get an RF remote control to easily switch between the lights, 2 light stands and softboxes, and a carrying case.

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Want to capture high-quality portraits or do product photography to sell on eCommerce or try to build a DIY home studio on a budget? These affordable and best portable softbox lighting kits for photography are perfect for professionals as well as beginners.

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