5 Best Shopify Website Builder For Your Store (Free & Paid)

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5 Best Shopify Website Builder For Your Store (Free & Paid)

One of the reasons why many of us choose Shopify as an eCommerce platform is its ability to customize our store. But again, there are some limitations on how much can we edit without an actual developer.

So should this stop us? Absolutely not. That is when you can use the Shopify website builder for your store. If you are new and don’t know where to get started, we are here to help you and answer the most common question you might have today.

We are sharing the top 5 best Shopify website builders that you can use to build your online eCommerce store. These page builders will give you much more customization options and allows you to create a unique and customer-friendly eCommerce.

So without waiting anymore, let us get started with the list.

5 Best Shopify Website Builder For Your Store

5 Best Shopify Website Builder For Your Store


Base Plan Free

Pagefly is an easy drag-and-drop page builder that lets you design your own custom pages on Shopify.

It is one of the most popular eCommerce website builders that you can use to create pages like your Home page, Product page, Blog page, About page, and more.

With 4.9/5 reviews by 6351 users, Pagefly is definitely one tool that you can trust to create a user-friendly UI for your customers. In addition to all this, Pagefly comes with its own library of templates that you can use to speed up your work.

Even if you are a developer you can use Pagefly to make quick edits and refine them as per your requirements if you want to.


Base Plan – $39/Month

Shogun is an advanced Shopify website builder that lets you create a dynamic design with it easy to use interface. The vast library of templates ensures that you never have to start a page from scratch and that’s truly a lot of relief.

Creating an eCommerce means, we’ll have to test what works for our customers. With Shogun you can easily run an A/B test and find exactly which page design is bringing more conversion.

The tool is packed with tools like build-in analytics, mobile optimization, SEO tools, and more.

Sure, it is one of the most expensive Shopify page builders, but with so many tools, features and support the pricing is totally worth it.


Base Plan – $15/Month

Gempages is a Shopify website builder that is a fan favorite among its user. According to the reviews, users describe it as the easiest to use and highly dynamic design tool.

More than anything, the best part about Gempages page builder is its focus on page speed. It comes with some really helpful tools like CDN and lazy-loading plugins which ensures that your quality designing is not resisted due to site speed.

Due to its drag and drop system, even beginners can use it very easily. But again if you get stuck, you can look at in-app video tutorials or reach out to a highly qualified and responsive support team.

Layout Hub

Base Plan – Free

Layout Hub is a Shopify website builder that uses various blocks to develop pages for your eCommerce. And it might sound different from other tools but it is an easy way to get started.

It’s easy to use, quick page builder that you can use to create various pages using blocks and sections. Its basic plan is free and has various templates that you can just pick and get started.

If you are not looking for something simple and hassle-free that doesn’t need any customization, Layout hub will be the best Shopify website builder for your store.


Base Plan $67/Month

Zipify is a Shopify page builder that gives you complete control over various sections of your page. You can focus on even the tiny sections like breadcrumb navigation and edit them accordingly.

With all the tiny tools and more, you can easily set up your pages. In addition to all this Zipify page builder, the speed of the pages is optimized and they can load quickly without major delay.

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