7 Best Product Photography Studios & Photographers in UAE

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7 Best Product Photography Studios & Photographers in UAE

When you are looking for a product photography studio or photographer for your brand, what exactly should you look for?

Good quality images, professional service, and pricing. These are the basics.

But when we were creating the list of the best product photography studios and photographers in the UAE, we wanted something more.

We looked at the experience of the photographer, the ability to understand the tone of the brand, and how to create an image that aligns with the brand vision. And all this with the ability to create something for the masses.

So, here are the 7 best Product Photography Studios and photographers in the UAE. Without taking any more time, let’s learn about each one of them and what makes them part of this list.

7 Best Product Photography Studio & Photographers in the UAE


ASTUDIO Product photography studio dubai

ASTUDIO, based in Dubai, is a multi-faceted creative agency with product photography as one of its specialties. It is among the best product photography studio team for brands in the luxury sector, seeking high-end, creative product photography.

Along with photographers, the team also includes stylists, designers, and marketers. It leads to a well-rounded product campaign, with better communication and faster turnaround time.

Talking about the studio is equipped with high-end equipment and lighting setups to achieve top-tier image quality.

ASTUDIO has worked with luxury brands, including Cartier, P&G, and Nike—again, highlighting their high-quality standards and knowledge of luxury product presentation.

2. Shapes Defined

Shapes Defined Photography Studio is a product photography studio UAE
Credit: Shapes Defined

Shapes Defined Photography Studio is a product photography studio in Dubai, UAE. The team is known for its one-stop solution for eCommerce.

They offer all photography services for an online brand like product photography, model photography, as well as video and animation.

One can easily go through their portfolio and understand the variety of services they have featured. Additionally, the studio also features case studies of working with a brand.

Shapes Defined Studio has worked with brands like Carolina Herrera, FILA, Casio, Lagado Watches, and more.

3. Tall Photographer

Tall Photographer UAE
Credit: Tall Photographer

Tall Photographer Studio in Dubai, UAE is a product photography studio—that specializes in creating high-quality images for e-commerce, advertising, and marketing purposes.

The studio is equipped with top-of-the-line equipment, including cameras, lighting, and backdrops, to ensure that their photos are sharp, clear, and well-lit.

Now talking about the talent, the team at Tall Photographer has years of experience in product photography and knows how to deliver results.

The studio has worked with brands like Aish Jewels, Ford, Athletix store, and more.

4. Smartt Studio

Smartt Studio Best Product Photography Studio UAE
Credit: Smartt Studio

Smartt Studio in Dubai, UAE is among the best Product Photography Studios dedicated to eCommerce specifically.

The team offers a wide range of photography services that include 360° videos, CGI, model videos, campaign shoots, banner shoots, and much more.

They showcase examples of high-quality product photography on their website and social media—demonstrating their technical proficiency in lighting, composition, and editing.

Smartt Studio has experience in the niche of fashion, FMCG, Jewellery, and more.

5. Panda Creations

Panda Creations Ecommerce photography Studio
Credit: Panda Creations

Panda Creations is an excellent production agency that also provides product photography services. The team of experienced photographers and videographers have years of experience in the business.

They are known for their excellent customer service and are always happy to go the extra mile for their clients.

Panda Creations Productions is a professional and affordable product photography studio in Dubai that you must consider. They have worked with brands like Adidas, Maryaj Perfumes, Apex Fitness and more.

6. 8th Street Studio

8th Street Photography Studio for eCommerce
Credit: 8th Street Studio

8th Street Studio is a top-notch product photography studio in Dubai, UAE. They offer a wide range of photography services, including product photography, pack shots, fashion and beauty, editorial, and even video production.

In addition to photography services, they also offer their studio for rental along with various props and equipment that you might need.

8th Street Studio emphasizes communication and collaboration with clients. This helps in creating a shoot that aligns with the vision and tone of your brand.

The studio has worked with some prestigious clientele, including Dior, Chanel, Gucci, Bulgari, IWC, Max Factor, Amazon, Marie Claire, Harper’s Bazaar, Elle and more.

7. Mazen Abusrour

Fashion photographer in UAE
Credit: Mazen Abusrour

Mazen Abusrour is a leading commercial and fashion photographer in Dubai. Throughout his career, he gained a reputation for his ability to seamlessly blend his artistic vision with the commercial needs of his clients.

Mazen is skilled in creating captivating portraits, capturing the essence of celebrities, and directing high-profile advertising campaigns.

He has worked with a broad range of brands, including luxury fashion houses, jewelry brands, beauty companies, and lifestyle publications. His portfolio includes working with  Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar Arabia, ELLE, L’Officiel, Marie Claire, GRAZIA, and Esquire ME.


Among the 7 best product photography studios and photographers shared above, you must connect with the one with experience in your niche.

But at the same time, know each of their input on what they can provide for your eCommerce. The UAE is seeing a rise in eCommerce and brands across niches.

While this list shares 7 of the best product photography studios and photographers in the UAE, it is up to your vision on how you wish to present your products. Additionally, get a free product photo editing trial from PixelPhant and get started with a curated product presentation online.

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