12 Best Product Photography Studio & Photographers in LA

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12 Best Product Photography Studio & Photographers in LA

Product photography in LA (Los Angeles) is really competitive. On the one hand, it gives eCommerce many options. Still, on the other hand, it is hard to find the best product photography studios and photographers.

Here are the 12 best product photography studios and photographers in LA that you can work with.

These 12 picks have years of experience in working with brands. So, rest assured your product photography is in the hands of professionals.

Without taking any more time, let’s learn more about them.

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12 Best Product Photography Studio & Photographers in LA

Space And Light

Source – Space and Light

Space and Light eCommerce photography studio is the one-stop solution for fashion and product photography.

With over 18 years in business and experience with 150+ brands and retailers, Space and light provide all kinds of creative photography service for your eCommerce brand.

Some of the featured clients of Space And Light photography studio at Nordstrom, Monday, Lulu lemon, Just USA, and more.


Source – Squareshot

Squareshot is a new-age product photography studio that began in 2017 and since then has been consistently growing as an industry favorite. They run operations across the USA, with studios in Los Angeles, Brooklyn, and Austin.

This product photography studio team specializes in various niches like clothing, beauty, shoes, bags, jewelry, watches, and more.

They are working with over 2500 brands, including Christos, Whoop, Brain Dead, Throne Watches, and more, with a 98% acceptance rate.

That talks about the quality of work they deliver—that too eight working days.

Rare Studio LA

Source – Rare Studi LA

Rare Studio LA is an e-commerce photography studio that has successfully built a positive brand for itself. They focus on quality and fast turnaround time, and that’s everything one might find on the internet about them.

But what you will surely see is the work they have done. With plenty of work portfolio images and Rare studios is surely among the best product photography studios in LA.

They have worked with some of the top brands, such as Adidas, Resolve, Volvo, and more.

Hyper Black Studio

Source – Hyper Black Studio

Hyper Black Studio is a product and lifestyle photography studio in LA. They mainly provide three types of services, i.e., product photography, Campaign photography, and Lookbook & marketing photography.

Being among the top creative studios in LA, Hyper Black has worked with top brands such as Stetson, Taylor Stitch, Janie and Jack, Amour Vert, and more. Also, if you look at the work the team has done, you’d be assured that your products are being handled by professionals.

Key Light Studio

Source – Keylight Studio

Key Light Studio by Keegan Kruse is next on the list of the best product photography studios and photographers.

From white background product photography to models for editorials—you can find all the photography services you need for your eCommerce right here.

Studio has worked with brands like Kellogg’s Pop-Tarts, N.HALE, Jo Jo’s Heart Apparel, Chris Bella, and more.

Kelly Robyn

Source – Kelly Robyn

Kelly Robyn is an expert photographer and art director with extensive work experience in the niche of beauty and lifestyle. One of the best parts about Kelly’s portfolio is the colors, and the way products are presented.

Every detail is up to the mark, and it truly leaves an impact as a professional creative photographer for eCommerce.

Kelly has worked with brands like Ulta Beauty, Saks Fifth Avenue, Net-A-Porter, Nordstrom, Vogue, and many more leading brands in the niche.

Mike Azria

Source – Mike Azria

Mike Azria is an LA based product photographer with extensive work experience in on-model fashion photography. Additionally, one can even find creative editorial photography services right here to present the product for magazines, lookbooks, banners, and more.

Mike Azria has worked with some amazing fashion brands, which include Prosperity Denim, Avec Les Filles, Christina Lehr, and more.

Mariela Mejia

Source – Mariela Mejia

Mariela Mejia is a creative director and photographer in LA that is among the best eCommerce photographers. If we look at her portfolio, we find various lookbooks showcasing editorial and ecommerce photography that showcase the products and the model very professionally and creatively.

Damion Lloyd

Source – Damion Lloyd

Damion Lloyd photography service in LA is a team of creatives that brings a complete hub of photography services for eCommerce. From flat lay product photography to professional editorial shots—one can rely on the service to deliver.

Damion Lloyd has worked with some amazing brands, which include Nocta, Playboy, Telly, Honey Love, Amiri, and more.

Adam Rindy

Source – Adam Rindy Photography

Adam Rindy is a professional eCommerce photographer who has a ton of experience in fashion photography, especially in an editorial. If your brand is looking for commercial photography, such as advertising, Adam Rindy brings the best work experience for the job.

Some of the most popular clients Adam has worked with are Marc Jacob, Adidas, Puma, Guess, K-Swiss, Gymshark, and more.

Busken Studio

Source – Busken Studio

Busken Studio by Stephen Busken is an eCommerce photography service in LA that provides editorial photography service, eCommerce photography service, celebrity photography service, and product photography.

Stephen has showcased some of his best work on the site, which shares his passion for his work. Talking of which, his work has been featured in Vanity Fair, GQ, Vogue, Architectural Digest, and AD Week, just to name a few.

Stephanie Williams

Stephanie Willians is a creative photographer in LA who has worked with some of the most diverse clients in fashion. From beauty photography to fashion photography—the work available on her website speaks only positive reviews of the service she offers.

Services include Brand Development, Model Casting, Moodboard Creation, Photography Lookbook, and Campaign Creation.

Bonus Read

These 12 are among the best eCommerce product photography studios for consistent creative and professional works. If you are looking for an eCommerce photography service in LA, you can work with these studios and photographers. They have the experience and creativity to deliver what you are looking for.

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Got a question about product photography services in Los Angeles? We've got answers.

Product photography services in Los Angeles can cost between $50 to $500 per hour. The price varies depending on your requirements, the type of shoot, the number of products, the turnaround time, and the photographer's experience.

Generally, product photo editing costs about $3 per image or between $85 to $120 per hour. Product photo editing starts at just $0.40 per image with PixelPhant. Based on the services, the number of images, and turnaround time, the final price of product photo editing can vary greatly.

PixelPhant has shared the 12 Best product photographers and studios in LA. This list will help you find the best product photography service for your eCommerce.

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