9 Best Product Page Design Layouts Examples For Ecommerce

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9 Best Product Page Design Layouts Examples For Ecommerce

There is no simple way to say this, but you must ensure your product presentation is on point.

Nothing more and nothing less. Creating a good product page design is essential today as people are more inclined towards the whole experience rather than just the product.

And when that’s the case, some questions must be answered. Question like

What design elements to include? What design frameworks to follow? How to present the product in a way that increases sales?

To answer these questions (and more), we decided to study and share learning from the 9 best product page design examples. This way, you’ll have a much better idea of how you can improve your eCommerce product page layout and enhance your design that grows conversion.

In this article, we are looking at the product page design layouts of

Without any more delay, let’s dive into it and learn the core of designing an impactful product page layout and design.

9 Product Page Design Layout Examples 2023

1. Miss Guided

Miss Guided fashion eCommerce product page layout

Miss Guided is a fashion eCommerce store that has used coupon marketing exceptionally. High-quality product images and a clean product page layout make it easy for the customer to take action.

In addition, their coupon marketing strategy motivates people to use them; hence, the brand is building an extensive list of subscribers for future upsells.

  • The product grabs customers’ attention as soon as they land on this page.
  • With a clear title, they explain exactly what the product is.
  • It gives you efficient options but ensures the customer doesn’t get overwhelmed.
  • A prominent CTA and various payment and engagement options keep the customer hooked.
  • They also cleverly use the drop-down and pop-up to hide boring data and information, enhancing the overall product page design and keeping it interesting.


BNKR fashion eCommerce product page design

BNKR is an Australian fashion eCommerce brand that showcases its products in one of the best ways. Firstly, we must complement their product image editing. As PixelPhant recommends, there is professional image editing consistency in all the images that are cropped and centered.

You’ll also see that there is no detailed product description that is pushing to sell the product. They share the product information in a drop-down with product images as the center of attention.

BNKR fashion eCommerce product images

Just choose your size, pick your color, and you are all set to add the product to your bag. Also, as you’ll scroll down, you’ll see how the necessary information about the product, like title, price, size, and color, sticks as a top bar along with the CTA.

This simple product page layout ensures that customers can instantly click on the CTA without a need to scroll back and find the CTA in the first place.

  • The use of high-quality product images ensures the information is delivered with minimum words.
  • You’ll also find the model’s detail, like their height and the size they are wearing, to make it easy for them to choose their fit.
  • You’ll also see they have showcased different styles of the same product to showcase versatility.

3. Lulu and Georgia

Lulu & Georgia furniture eCommerce product page design

Lulu and Georgia is a furniture eCommerce that has mastered the art of home decor. And this is reflected in their product page design as well. Their product page is divided into two sections vertically.

The right side has all the product information that is being shared under drop drown. They are sharing everything that you’ll need to learn about the product. This includes detail about the product, dimensions, and how to take care of it.

Additionally, you’ll find two tags of information. The estimated delivery time and White Glove Delivery option. People looking to receive unpacked and assembled furniture can select the option, and Lulu and Georgia will take care of your request.

The left side of the product page design is filled with images. And interestingly, this brand showcase product with a grey background as well as the lifestyle context. This makes it easy for the customers to see the details on a plain background and how the product will look at the home.

  • The images focus on showcasing the details that build trust among the customers.
  • You can see the product from all sides and in different settings to know more about the product.
  • Understanding the customer journey, the brand has integrated an essential service so people can choose to receive their assembled products.
  • The product page design allows us to scroll through the product while keeping the information static.

4. Tiffany & Co.

Tiffany & Co. jewellery product page design

Tiffany & Co. is a luxury jewelry brand known for its high-quality product and, yes the color Tiffany blue. And that’s one reason this brand is among the top product page design examples.

At first look, you’ll see high-quality product images on the plain background and on the model. An in-depth product description on the right shares everything one needs to know.

But let us scroll down to the exciting part.

Tiffany & Co. product information

As you scroll down, you’ll find the use of same branding color very aesthetically. This keeps the customer connected with the brand and builds a connection with the product.

  • The following product page design shows that the overall aesthetic creates a sense of luxury and class. It is followed through images and the font that is being used.
  • You’ll also find that when you click on the contact widget, unlike other eCommerce live chat or chatbots, you are given multiple options for contacting the brand. This further builds trust and makes selling products through different mediums easy.
  • The page is concluded with a note about the brand that completes the whole page as a grand ending that fits this product page design.


Ilia beauty product page design

Ilia is a beauty brand with various cosmetic products in the industry. And unlike other fashion brands that showcase the product from different angles, Ilia stands out by showing its use case.

When you look at the product landing page, you find that every image is for information purposes. The first shows the product, the second is the color, and then there are a series of portraits of women of different skin types that have applied the product.

product info design

This product page design makes the brand cater to audiences of various skin types and shares the correct information about product use. They also showcase their customer reviews and before/after images that assure viewers that the product is trusted by others and can be purchased by them.

  • The product page design ensures that it targets all the customers and makes it easy for them to choose the product.
  • It includes all the information about the product’s ingredients which is very important in the following industry.
  • It features multiple models with different skin types using different products, making it easy for customers to choose the right fit.
  • The page is filled with in-depth knowledge of how to use video tutorials, customer reviews, and the images they have shared.

6. Everlane

Everlane fashion eCommerce product page layout

Everlane is undoubtedly one of the most popular fast-fashion eCommerce that has managed to attract visitors and convert them into customers. And the traces of this can be seen in their product page design.

They share a lot of options to choose from when we visit their product landing page. Be it colors or size; they ensure you’ll find them all in one place. And below the CTA, you’ll see how many people have recently viewed this product.

This pushes the viewer to purchase by creating a subtle FOMO. Now when you look at images, they look amazing and share a lot of details visually. At the same time, you’ll find tags motivating you to buy more than one product at a discounted price.

This product page design further allows reading the reviews of the people that have bought the same size as you.

  • The page shares a lot of information about the product that a customer would like to know before buying. This builds trust and makes it easy for the customer to find the right product.
  • The product page design is complemented with high-quality product images that use model photography to show the product’s fit and look.
  • You’ll also find a small section below the description that features their customer wearing their products.

7. Bertani

Bertani wine eCommerce product page design

Bertani is a wine eCommerce and has one of the best product page designs. Everything starts with a full-length product image. In this case, the wine bottle. But since there is no further visual information required here, they have used just one image that looks aesthetic and fulfills its work.

The next part of the design is the font, the description, and every detail one would like to know. As you scroll down, you’ll learn about the process, the aging the description of the wine you love to taste.

  • The product page design ensures that the customers know everything they want before buying the product. Even be it the aroma, which is one of the vital parts of the wine industry.
  • The website’s aesthetic delivers a sense of rawness and a touch of time with the background used.
  • Further, to make this simple page engaging, this product page design features a round curser and various simple elements to play along with.

8. Lenskart

lenskart eyewear product page design

Lenskart is an eyewear company that works with advanced technology at every stage. But since the customer wants a more straightforward and easy-to-understand layout, the product page design takes care of it.

With regular model photography and frame on white background, Lenskart allows you to have a 360 look from all sides of the frame with a single click. Also, if your device has a front-facing camera, you see how the structure will look on you.

The page features images and keeps the information about them clean and organized within the dropdown. And at the end of the page, you’ll find products that you have recently visited. This makes it super easy to compare options and pick the best fit.

  • The product page design is based on deep customer journeys and interactions.
  • With frame design being the main attraction, the focus is given to it and technology that helps people have a look at it visually.

9. Size

Size sneakers product page layout

Size.ca is the site for sneakerheads and street-style enthusiasts. And no doubt, it has one of the best product page designs, especially when you are looking to buy footwear.

The landing page gives an overall view of the product’s appearance from different angles. Along with that, the whole process of selecting the shoe is also simple. Just choose the color and the size you want.

And you are done. All the details, if you want to read them, are below the images that don’t take any extra attention. Along with all this, you’ll find design tweaks that motivate us to buy quicker, like the tag “Going Fast and free shipping over $50.

  • The product page design is created to allow us to understand and view the product from all sides.
  • It also features product details, but everything is cleanly organized under dropdowns.
  • The overall product page design aligns with the brand and still keeps everything clean and under the radar.
  • The main attraction of eCommerce is sneakers, and the page reflects high-quality product photography and photo editing.

Bonus Read

Creating an attractive eCommerce product page layout and design is essential. But after going through all the examples above, we also see that the use case and deep understanding of the audience are also critical.

Your product page layout is best if the goal of creating a product page is successful. Attracting customers, sharing information, and selling it to them.

And after seeing all the 9 best product page designs, it is clear that your product images play a crucial role in your design. Hence, why would you settle for regular image editing when you can professionally assist?

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