15 Best Places To Find The Product Ideas To Sell Online

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15 Best Places To Find The Product Ideas To Sell Online

With the change of the calendar, we are now finally into an era to sell online. Shopify being a leader of eCommerce stores builder is all set-top to be a part of your eCommerce journey.

But what are the best product ideas to sell online? What are the actual product ideas to sell online to generate more sales in 2023?

If you are looking for the same answers, then this article is for you. Here, we are sharing the 20 best places to find product ideas to sell online.

How To Find the Best Product Ideas To Sell Online?

In the following list, you will find the best places to find the product ideas to sell online. But in order to find what suits you the best, you would need to create a filtration funnel first.

Firstly, you will need to select a niche that you have some insight into an interest in. Running an online store is like burning the midnight oil. If you aren’t interested in what you are selling, you may not be able to scale.

Secondly, check if the niche that you choose is in demand or not. Your product ideas to sell online would only be worth it if people are ready to buy it.

Lastly, check for the volume of people interested in your product. Not everyone in the world might be interested in your product, but you surely need to keep the business sustainable.

With this three-step funnel in mind, let us have a look at the 15 best places to find the products ideas to sell online.

15 Best Places To Find The Products Ideas To Sell Online

1.In Your Local Communities

product ideas to sell online

Before looking far away to find the best items to sell on Shopify or any other platform, have a look at what is available around you. This could be local art, a small production factory of any product that is found near you, or anything that you can easily contact.

These offline products are some of the best items to sell on Shopify, as the competition is surely minimum, the profit margin is what you set it to be, and people all over the world are keen on finding products that not everyone has. You can use the deficiency to your advantage and start an online store very easily.

2. Look Out For Blank Spaces

Product Ideas To Sell Online

Nothing is “Perfect” and the gap between reality and perfect is known as an opportunity. If you are aware of such issues that, if fulfilled, would make an impact then that is the best item to sell on Shopify.

The product ideas to sell online are successful only when they fill up the gap and help your customer. Observe your niche, and look out the blank spaces, or the gaps.

Critical thinking is very important as sometimes even people won’t be aware of what they are missing. The best way to start is to look out for problems that a simple product can solve

Observe your niche and the customers and look out for product ideas to sell online.

3. In-house Production

product ideas to sell online

This could be a skill that you learn to create a product or an artifact. The global art market was valued at about 64 billion US dollars, clearly defining that profit is not an issue.

Surely, finding the right buyer could be hard, but this is among the best product ideas to sell online as you will be utilizing your own skills.

Nonetheless, you can even start with other products like frames, candles, etc that people are looking forward to buying all the time if you are creating them by yourself. The global handmade market is expected to reach about $984 billion by the year 2023.

4. Active Trend Publications

If you have absolutely no product ideas to sell online, starting to look out for the active trend publication would be a great start. Some of the most popular and trustworthy trend publications that you can use to find the best items to sell on Shopify are:

  • Trend hunter
  • Ecom dash
  • Trend Watching
  • PSFK

These keep an eye on what is going on in the world. What trends are rising and which are settling down.

5. Social Media

Product Ideas To Sell Online

Social Media has been a great tool to know what trend people are actively following and indulging themselves in. Be it a hashtag that is getting popular, an issue that is rising, or a product that everyone is looking for.

Digital communication with the world is at your fingertips. Deciding which product can help you grow your business is your choice to make. To find out the popularity, you make use of hashtags.

In the Instagram explore section, type in your product and go to the tag section. It will show you the number of times the tag has been used on the platform through which you can decide its popularity.

Also, click on the tag and go to the Recent section. Here, you can see how frequently people are using the hashtag, through which you can judge the popularity.

6. Best Seller Pages

Another great way to get the best product ideas to sell online is to see what people are actively buying. How can you find this out? Simply by looking at the Best Selling Products of some of the biggest eCommerce like Amazon.

Visit Amazon and go to their best seller section.

product ideas to sell online

Here, you will find the best-selling products, sorted into categories as well as the popularity based on the way people are buying them. Look out for products under hot new releases and bestsellers to have the best of both worlds.

product idea to sell online

You can find more products on other sites like

  • eBay
  • AliExpress
  • Etsy

7. Social Curation Site

product idea to sell online

Sites like Fancy, Wanelo, and Whistister are some of the best sites to look for product ideas to sell online. They are highly sensitive towards the popularity and social signals of products and sometimes can help you find the best items to sell on Shopify even before it catches up.

8. Industry Leader

If you have chosen a niche that you would like to be part of, then allow us to tell you that you have already accomplished half of the task. Now in order to find the best product ideas to sell online, you can look out for industry leaders.

You can use services like FollowerWonk and AllTop to get good product ideas to sell online.

9. Pinterest, and Snapchat

Product Ideas To Sell Online

While you may know them as any other social media, if you dig deeper you would find an abundance of undiscovered trends that are growing exponentially.

Especially if you are looking forward to targeting young demographics, you can find some of the best items to sell on Shopify and other online platforms.

For Snapchat, go to the discovery section and look out for your niche products. These are the products that are in talk and are catching lots of eyes, which can be great to grow your business.

Similarly, Pinterest has been a hub of inspiration, both for a customer as well as your online store. You can find endless product ideas to sell online with the popular section on the explore page.

10. Reddit and Quora

Product Ideas To Sell Online

Don’t be confused as these aren’t like any other social media platform. These are actually the social forum community where people actively converse about everything.

On Reddit, you can join trendy products communities of your niches where people across the globe share their views and votes regarding discussed topics. This is a place where you can see what people are really excited about and what they aren’t liking at all.

Quora on the other hand is the place where you can look out for the answers. Most probably you would easily find the answer regarding your question of the best product to sell online, but what you are looking forward to is the answer to

  • What are the best gifts you ever received
  • Which item do you use regularly in your office
  • What are the products you keep ordering from Amazon?

Rather than asking for an analytical approach, this would let people give a better answer.

11. Google Products

It is unlikely to think that Google is just a search engine. It is more of an insight source that you can use to track what the trend is all about. Some of the best tools that you can use for some trusted product ideas to sell online are:

  • Google Trends
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Search
product idea to sell online

Google trend is an amazing tool that can help you have an insight into the trend depending on the searching pattern of people. You can compare products, niche, etc and sort it down with time frame, location, and the search category

Google Analytics

product ideas to sell online

If you are already running an online store, you would be amazed to find out some additional insight about your audience. Firstly, you can look out for the most engaging pages to sort down what people are liking the most.

Secondly, in the audience section go to the interest section. At this place, you will be able to have a look at what is in the interest of your present audience. The in-market section tells you what they are actively looking to buy and the affinity section tells you what are their interests.

Often people overlook that the Google Search bar is a tool and can help them to know what people are searching for. One part of this prediction text, that pops when you type something on the internet.

The prediction is based on people searching behavior. In addition, you can also look at the suggestions under the search result.

12. Audience Survey

Product Ideas To Sell Online

Even if you are just starting out with no analytical data, or are looking for a much better insight for the best product ideas to sell online, surveys are your go-to place.

Asking an audience about what they want is the right and most trustworthy way to choose a product. 

For this, you can take the help of tools like Survey Monkey, and Google Survey. Create a survey, distribute it, and understand what your customers are interested in.

13. Competitor

Product Ideas To Sell Online

In the small world, we can easily find a good competitor who always pushes us to do better. Well, this is the time you use their research, and work on it to surpass them. In order to get the product ideas to sell online, you must have an eye to find the recent addition. Which products are they pushing on as they might have a better insight on what’s trending?

14. Out Of The Box

While all the product ideas to sell online that we discussed are on researching, here is something that gives a breakout every single time. That is, put your head out of the ordinary and lookout for something unique, interesting, and eye-catching.

Look out for what people desire and find out a way to complete it. Some of the popular examples are 

  • Grass Flip-Flops
product ideas to sell online

For people who like to walk in the grass, but can’t go to the park.

  • Unique Candles
product idea to sell online

These are simple yet amazing ways to present a product that everyone would be eager to buy.

15. Look To The Past

While trendy is all about being famous, it is never said that it can’t come from the past. 

And by the past trends, we are not telling you to bring back cassettes, rather we are asking you to look back on the products that people bought and loved it.

Your task would be to bring it back with an upgrade and introduce it to a brand new audience. 

This surely isn’t a direct approach but is an amazing product idea to sell online.

Bonus read

And while we have shared some of the best product ideas to sell online, there is one additional note that you must remember. You may choose the best items to sell on Shopify, but if you fail to present them in the right way, you would lose the deal.

In order to grow your business, the best product ideas to sell online, but you also need to ensure a better presentation and marketing of your products. A fine way is to get your image edited by the best product image editing service.

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