Best Point Of Sale Software | Your Ultimate Guide on POS

April 29, 2021 in eCommerce

Best Point Of Sale Software | Your Ultimate Guide on POS

If you are a retailer with a brick and mortar store, looking forward to expanding with eCommerce, this article is a must-read for you.

Firstly, allow us to share that you have an unfair advantage of creating the best customer experience with your physical store, as well as your eCommerce.

And in this article, we will be sharing how you can use the Best Point Of Sale Software for eCommerce.

Moreover, In this article you will be learning about:

  • What is Point Of Sale (POS)?
  • Benefits of using Point Of Sale
  • Must-have Features of a Point Of Sale Software
  • Best Point Of Sale Softwares for eCommerce

What is Point Of Sale?

Point Of Sale is the place where a purchase takes place, either offline or online and your customer pays for the service or product offered by you. Here, your customer also gets the receipt either in print or electrically also helping you keep track of your revenue.

Moreover, in recent Point Of Sale software, you can also track your best selling products, as well as manage your inventory in a much smarter way.

Benefits of using Point Of Sale Software

There are various ways a good Point Of Sale software for eCommerce can help you grow your business. Some of the most common benefits of Point of Sale Software are:

Syncs your eCommerce and your offline store

Best Point Of Sale Software

The very first advantage of using the best Point of sale software is that it automatically syncs your eCommerce and your offline store.

Rather than keeping track of your stocks manually on either side of your business, using the best Point Of Sale software makes it easier to have a broader picture in one place.

Your eCommerce and your brick & mortar store becomes one whole business, making it much much easier to control and manage from one single place.

Enhances your Customer Experience

best POS software

The next benefit of using Point Of Sale software is its ability to enhance your customer experience.

One can easily purchase from your online store or can walk in. Also, replacement or return becomes much easier for your customer.

This builds trust among your customer hence providing you with a much fluid and preferred experience for your customer.

Promotes Sales

Best Point Of Sale Software for eCommerce

Some of the best Point of Sale software are an ultimate tool to help you grow your sales both online and offline.

As said before, it syncs your online and offline store. That means if you provide your customer with a coupon, a gift card, or promo code, using the best Point Of Sale software, they can redeem it either on your eCommerce or your store.

This gives you a major advantage over your competitors and promotes growth in sales.

Brand Building

POS software

Last but not the least, using the best Point Of Sale Software helps you build a brand. Along with your online presence, your eCommerce also provides an offline and synced experience.

This is a major advantage in attracting new customers and building trust. This overall helps to build your own identity within your customer and creating a  brand both online and offline

Must-have features of a Point Of Sale Software

Using the best Point Of Sale Software is a must, and here is some feature you must look out for in your POS software.

Billing & Order Processing

The first and the most important feature of any Point of sale software is its ability to rightfully manage your billing and order processing. It must have the ability to carry out checkout through different payment methods.

The POS software should also be able to add any discount or promo code that the customer wishes to redeem.

Cross Channel Management

The next must-have feature of the best point of sale software is the ability to manage your store both online and offline.

It must share insight about the best selling products, underperforming products across the sales channel.

This analytical report is very crucial in determining your profitable products, and how you grow your net profit by eliminating the losses next month.

Inventory  & Stock Management

Stock and Inventory Management System is the need of the hour, and the best Point of sale software successfully fulfils it.

It gives you exact real-time data of the inventory and stock as every order placed passes through the system.

Whenever choosing the Best Point Of Sale Software for eCommerce, ensure that it has a stronghold on its inventory and stock management system.

This will reduce most of your manual data entry work and give you the best possible report and suggestions for your brand.

Customer Relationship Management

Last but not the list, Customer Relationship management is a must-have feature of the Point Of Sale software for eCommerce that you choose. 

During the checkout, your POS software must allow your customer to use their promo codes, provide loyalty benefits and so on to keep manage your customer relationships automatically.

Best Point Of Sale Software for eCommerce

Now that you are aware of the What Point Of Sale Software are, and how you can benefit from them, here are the 5 best Point Of Sale Software for eCommerce.

POS Software pixelphant

If you are planning or running an online Shopify store, the best POS software which you can use is the Shopify POS itself.

This option provides both online and offline brick and mortar sale functionality. This includes some amazing features such as:

  • Sale Tracking
  • Omnichannel Selling Feature
  • Stock Adjustment
  • Smart inventory features
  • Cash tracking
  • And daily sales report

Overall providing you with the best POS software functionality for your Shopify Store specifically.

2. LightSpeed Retail

Best Point Of Sale Software

If you are among the few smart retailers beginning their eCommerce journey along with the social commerce by your side, LightSpeed Retail is the Best Point Of Sale software for you.

Moreover, being among the most premium products, it offers a very easy to use interface, and provide some of the very useful features such as:

  • Accounting 
  • Daily Reporting
  • Selling through social platforms
  • Inventory and Stock management
  • Employee management
  • Purchase order management

Hence, if you are looking for virtual assistance managing all your business extension from one place LightSpeed Retail can be the best POS software that you can use.

3. Square

best POS Software

If you are a small business, looking forward to giving POS software a try and exploring its benefits, Square is the best fit for you. Firstly it has a free plan which includes some of the best features that normally you will be paying for.

But also remember there are some restrictions in the free plan, so do check out their pricing when convinced by their free plan, which includes:

  • Inventory management
  • Team management
  • Reporting
  • eCommerce management
  • Gift cards and loyalty management

It is best for small retailers, but if you are looking out for your first POS software, Square might be the best Point Of Sale software for you.

4. Revel


If the last POS software was for new or small eCommerce, Revel is the best Point of Sale software for larger inventories. It is among the most reliable services even with a larger inventory with various essential features included.

Some features which surely are worth learning about are:

  • Excellent reporting
  • Real-time inventory management
  • Cash management
  • Purchase order management
  • Loyalty and customer management

If you are running a huge chunk of inventory for your eCommerce, we highly recommend you trying out Revel as your Point Of Sale software.

5. Vend

point of sale software

Last but surely not least, Vend is among the popular and the Best Point Of Sale Software for eCommerce and brick & mortar stores.

The most promising feature of Vend is its ability to manage multi-location sales operations from one screen. Some of its features include:

  • Easy eCommerce integration
  • Customer management
  • Inventory and Stock management
  • Flexible interface
  • Excellent Reporting
  • Barcode Scanner App

Also, note that Vend does offer a free plan which you can use to explore the software before you upgrade it.

Summing Up

Using the best Point Of Sale software for eCommerce is surely a beneficial step.

Not only does it help you with the management but also help you keep track of your progress in real-time.

In the above article, we have shared some of the best POS software, but if you have found any other alternative do comment down below and we would love to review it.

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