7 Best Photo Cutout Apps To Remove Background On Mobile And PC

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7 Best Photo Cutout Apps To Remove Background On Mobile And PC

Background removal from photos can be hard and using photo editing software like Photoshop can be even harder. It requires years of practice and skills to remove background in Photoshop using pen tools and other tools.

But for daily smartphone users, there are much better photo cutout apps to remove background easily and professionally. These photo cutout apps require no designing skills and can be used on Android as well as iOS.

7 Best Photo Cutout Apps

1. YouCam Perfect

Best Photo Cutout App

YouCam Perfect has been around for years. With a lot of changes and debugging, the app has improved significantly and been downloaded more than 10Cr times, and has a rating of 4.3 out of 5 on Playstore.

This is one of the easiest and most effective photo cutout apps to remove background. Simply select the photo from which you wish to remove the background. Select the Cutout tool and voila – you have a transparent background image.

YouCam Perfect also offers a lot of filters, exciting tools, text styles, and other backgrounds that can be used with your cutout element. You can replace backgrounds, merge more than two cutouts, and add filters too.

2. Apowersoft Background Eraser

Best Photo Cutout App

Apowersoft Background Eraser deserves to be in the top three photo cutout apps to remove background easily. Personally, I love this app because of its user-friendly interface, tools, and features.

It is one of the unique apps that distinguish between what image you want to remove background from. You can choose from picking people, product photos, or logos.

This makes it an ideal choice if you’re running a small online store or selling products on platforms like Amazon or eBay. You can add a white background to product photos and upload them directly for your product listings.

The other two options allow you to create professional passport images and business logos. It shows that Apowersoft Background Eraser has smart AI filters designed for every kind of need, making it one of the best photo cutout apps.

3. Cutout Pro

Best Photo Cutout App

CutOut Pro is one of the most interactive photo cutout apps that is loaded with features. You’ll never get tired of this app since it allows you to perform multiple interesting actions.

This free background removal tool allows you to:

  • Remove background from images
  • Remove background from videos
  • Remove unwanted objects from an image
  • Create face cutout
  • Animate a still photo
  • Enhance photos
  • Colorize black and white photo
  • Blur background in photos
  • Correct colors in an image
  • Record screen and webcam

This AI photo editor is great for eCommerce, designers, art lovers, restoring a photo, creating an ID photo, editing videos, and more.

4. PhotoRoom

Best Photo Cutout App

PhotoRoom is an incredible automatic background remover. This AI photo editing tool professionally and seamlessly removes the background from your photos and allows you to add different backgrounds to them. You can easily remove the background and add a light-colored or white background to product photos and sell things like a pro.

The easy-to-use and attractive interface is another reason you’d keep using this photo cutout app. If you do not wish to download the app, you can remove the background online through its drag and drop feature or add a white background to photos. It’s completely free for Android as well as iOS.

5. PicWish: Background Eraser

Best Photo Cutout App

PicWish is one of the best photo cutout apps since it’s specially designed for that purpose. Its smart AI technology automatically recognizes the background and seamlessly erases it.

Simply download this automatic photo editor, go to the gallery, select the desired image, and just wait. Within a few seconds, PicWish will precisely remove the background from your image and allow you to download it for later use.

6. PiZap

Best Photo Cutout App

PiZap is great at removing the background from images even if the photo is having a very busy background. The app boasts about its precision, ease of use, and versatility.

You can use this app on your mobile as well as on your PC. It is one of the photo cutout apps that comes packed with other features where you can add frames, stickers, borders, text, and filters.

It is a one-stop app if you’re trying to create fun and easy social media posts, memes, or advertisements.

7. Cut Cut: Photo editor and cutout

Best Photo Cutout App

Cut Cut is among the photo cutout apps that can only be used by android users. While using this app, you can choose to remove the background in 2 ways.

You can either let the AI detect the subject and create the cutout or if you are not satisfied, then choose the manually erase option to remove background as needed.

Just follow the three steps to remove the background from photos. Select the image and tap on the scissor icon. Wait for the app to remove the background. Click Save.

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Use these amazing photo cutout apps to remove background, cut, paste, replace, and mix your photos. Be creative and explore unimaginable possibilities to turn your general gallery images into masterpieces. Use these images for social media, websites, and more!

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