Best of Nike Marketing Strategy to Learn From

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Best of Nike Marketing Strategy to Learn From

Nike might be an athleisure company, but over the years, the brand has made us feel inspired, emotional, and united with its bare marketing campaigns.

When one talks about THE Nike Marketing Strategy, the Swoosh, and the tagline -” Just Do It” might not be the first thing that pops up in our heads. Nonetheless, we rather see a Nike “product-based” commercial.

Then what makes people buy the products?

Well to answer this query, we have listed out 7 Nike Marketing Strategies that you can learn in 2023 from. Hence without letting you wonder anymore, here are your marketing strategies guideline.

Best of Nike Marketing Strategy 

Delivering a Common Message

If you have been observing the Nike commercial for some time, you would notice that they have a common underlying message. That is to step up and do something. Be it to find the demons of the society or the ones that are affecting the health.

This message always goes in sync with the brand’s tagline to do things, that is to take action. Today, even if someone sees an ad with the same message, they relate it with the brand instantly.

Moreover, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that the following Nike Marketing strategy has made “taking action” their brand face.

Telling a Story

Over the years, Nike has mastered the art of sharing meaningful and inspiring stories. We are not only talking about the sports legends but the common people. More specifically they tell a story that is instantly relatable to the masses.

Nike Marketing Strategy

Above as you see, is a perfect example of connecting all types of people. The title starts with “Find Your Greatness.”People wish to improve themselves, and this “emotional marketing” triggers the audience to take action, no matter how difficult it is.

Understanding Customer

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Nike knows who its target audiences are. Mostly, they target people that are interested in sports, are working towards keeping themselves healthy, or wish to make a change.

Now that they are aware of what their customer wants, they try creating “watercooler moments” What are those?

Watercooler moments are the instances where people start talking about a particular subject. Over the years Nike has managed to create these moments multiple times and wouldn’t be wrong saying that they have mastered it some ways. 

Leveraging Social Media

Nike has always been a people brand. They adapt their products for the people and they create marketing campaigns for the people.

For example, they know that the highest percentage of their target audience is on Instagram. Now rather than just posting images of their products, they share value-adding posts, either inspiring or teaching their followers.

Not just this, but when we talk about Nike Marketing strategy, it’s worth mentioning the effort they put into interacting with the audience and even solving their problems.

Nike Marketing Strategy

Being Newsworthy

Another Nike marketing strategy is to be news relevant. Nike has always made an effort to stay updated and keep its customer updated about what’s coming up. In the following attempt, when they introduced their “Self-lacing shoes”, the news media went crazy covering it.

Nike Marketing Strategy

People wanted to know more and news was fulfilling the demand. Hence it is important to learn that, more or less, attempting to create something that can provide you space in the news (in a positive manner obviously) can boost up your marketing.

Working towards Social Cause

As we said, Nike is a people’s brand. Over the years, not only has Nike marketing strategy taught us to boost up our sales, but also work towards a social cause.

Nike Marketing Strategy

With Nike Community Impact, the brand is giving back to society and becoming a part of society. Be it introducing kids to sports all helping them to graduate through schools, Nike is becoming part of people’s lives in some or other manner.

Partnering with brands and Influncer

Nike has been working with sportspersons and brands for decades. Be it LeBron James and Cristiano Ronaldo in sports or Google and Apple in the tech. Year-on-year Nike has worked with such influencers to build its brand.

Indulging with these brands allows Nike to expand its customer base and attract a new class of audience. Moreover, it also allows different sections of the audience to see what they have to offer and what other influencers have to say about the brand.

The key takeaway from Nike Marketing Strategy

Dissecting every section of the Nike Marketing Strategy, we can surely say that rather than focusing on selling a product, Nike sells an idea. More specifically they share a common and simple idea, in simple words to reach out masses.

As a brand, you may not be able to capture the attention of the globe (like Nike does) but what you can learn is to understand your audience’s interest. Find out a common goal your targeted audience would like to achieve and how your brand/product can fit in it.

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