5 Best Full Frame DSLR Cameras In 2023 | DSLR Camera

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5 Best Full Frame DSLR Cameras In 2023 | DSLR Camera

Choosing a professional full frame DSLR camera can be really tough if you have to go through all the options available. But for real, there are dozens of options, all outrank each other.

Depending on what your level of usage is and what you might be looking for we have curated recently shared the list of the best camera for product photography in 2023. And here are 5 best full frame DSLR cameras that you can have a look at. Here are my top picks.

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Best full frame DSLR cameras in 2023:

Best Full Frame DSLR Cameras In 2023

Sony Alpha 7R IV

61 MP Sensor | Continuous Shooting 10 fps | User Level: Expert

Sony Alpha 7R IV - Full Frame Photography Camera

Sony is known for its high-quality build and ergonomic design, making it easy to handle its camera. This A7R IV camera is their new and powerful successor. With a massive 61 megapixel sensor, the camera lets us capture some of the best high-resolution images.

The body itself is dust and moisture-resistant, ensuring that the camera is ready to have a long run. It has a frame coverage of approx 99.7% height and 74 widths. But the one thing that 

Sony has worked here on their Autofocus. Now, you can focus on your model in real-time with their Real-time Eye AF. In addition to that, you can even focus using the touch and LED screen. The full-frame sensor delivers bright, sharp, and detailed images, ensuring you get what you want.

Canon EOS R6

20.1 MP Sensor | Continuous Shooting – 12 & 20 fps | User Level: Enthusiast

Canon EOS R6 - DSLR camera

Canon is another popular and trustworthy brand for creating some of the best cameras for beginners and professionals. Their Canon EOS R6 mirrorless camera is our first pick from Canon in our list of the best full frame DSLR camera.

It has high quality 20MP full-frame CMOS sensor that results in excellent color reproduction. Along with 100% horizontal frame coverage, it has around 6,072 AF points which make focusing on our subject super easy.

Working with ISO? No problem. The camera has a very good performance even when you are using ISO to capture different photographs. The camera is also a great fit if you are looking for a good still camera.

Nikon D850

45.7 MP Sensor | Continuous Shooting – 9fps | User level: Professional

Nikon D850 - Full frame digital camera

This is the only Nikon camera to make it to this list, but it surely can be found in the top preferences of many professionals. The camera features a 45.7-megapixel sensor that allows you to capture dynamic images.

The following DSLR camera features a focus shift photography function. This enables the camera to shoot a sequence of up to 300 frames that gradually as well as automatically shifts from the start position to infinity.

Nikon packages 45.4 million pixels in this sensor that delivers impressive images. Even against the high-ISO noise performance, the camera can deliver some great images.

Canon EOS 6D Mark II

26.2 MP Sensor | Continuous Shooting – 6.5 fps | User Level: Intermediate/Expert

Canon EOS R6 - DSLR camera

If you are looking for a value-for-money product, I don’t think anyone can beat Canon EOS 6D Mark II. Compared to its previous version, the new model has advanced the autofocus system, delivers faster shooting and there is a lot more functionality on the rear LCD.

The camera also features a flicker detection option that helps us in maintaining consistency when using artificial lighting. This makes it among the best camera options for fashion and product photography.

The ISO performance of the EOS 6D Mark II is remarkable. The JPEG files stay clean throughout the ISO range.

Sony A1

50.1 MP Sensor | Continuous Shooting – 30fps | User level: Expert

Sony A1 - Digital Full frame camera

Sony A1 is a flagship full frame DSLR camera. The 50.1 MP sensor delivers high-resolution images, that are again backed by its ultra-fast autofocus. This well-balanced camera is surely the perfect blend of speed and resolution.

Along with the images, the camera also shoots 8K videos at 30p and 4k at 120p. The huge senor by sony doesn’t disappoint and captures a detailed image of the subject. The autofocus tracks the eye of the human, animal, and bird’s eye in real-time, delivering helping you capture high-quality photos every single time you are working with models.

But not just the model, if you capture a wide range of subjects, Sony A1 will deliver the best quality and consistency that you’d expect out of a camera of this range.

Why Use Full Frame Camera?

If you are a beginner, choosing between the full frame DSLR camera and the crop sensor DSLR camera can be confusing. After all, they all look the same. But here are some pros of using a full frame DSLR camera:

  • You can capture much wider images compared to the zoomed-in or cropped images on the full-frame DSLR camera.
  • The full-frame camera has a longer focal length. This allows us to capture better portraits and get that high-quality, soft bokeh effect in the background.
  • Mostly, each individual pixel in a full-frame DSLR camera is larger than the crop sensor DSLR camera. This results in better low-light performance, as bigger pixels can capture more light.
  • Full-frame DSLR cameras generally have better MP (Mega Pixels) to capture high-resolution images.
  • They let you output high-quality and oversize images compared to a cropped DSLR camera. This is because they can store information about the idea due to their sensor.
  • You can easily crop an image captured at full frame if you want. But if you use cropped sensor and want to expand the scene, you can’t do that.


And with that, I conclude my picks for the best full-frame DSLR cameras in 2023. What’s next? How about looking at the best portrait lenses? We picked for you the best portrait photography lenses to make sure you save time and get quality images.

Additionally, learn about mistakes to avoid when buying a camera for eCommerce. This will help ensure that the camera you pick aligns with your ultimate goal.

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