15 Best Fashion Lookbook Inspiration 2023 For Your Store

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15 Best Fashion Lookbook Inspiration 2023 For Your Store

Online, offline, or the new age fashion lookbook- The social media grids. You need to be up on trends to understand them. Here are the 15 best fashion lookbook inspirations that are unique and yet convincing enough to turn heads.

All these are based on three core principles of the perfect lookbook. These principles are

  • The way of photography
  • The way of presenting
  • And the perfection in the image editing/ post-production

Be it the bold look or simple headshot, it is very important that you have followed these three principles rightfully to do justice to your lookbook. Moreover, if you are looking to sell your fashion work in the future (which you must do after so much hard work), then let us assure you that you can rely on PixelPhant for all your editing needs.

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Moreover, as we go through these 15 best fashion lookbook inspirations 2023, we will understand how the use of image editing and eCommerce photography has managed to present an amazing gift to the viewer’s eye.

What is Fashion Lookbook?

A fashion lookbook is a stylized portfolio of images showcasing a brand’s or designer’s latest creations. It focuses on storytelling, and capturing the essence of a collection in a visually compelling and cohesive manner.

Each page or spread features a curated selection of images that highlight the details, textures, and overall vibe of the clothing or accessories.

Fashion Lookbooks are used for building a brand identity, launching seasonal collections, marketing, fashion blogs, and publications.

15 Best Fashion Lookbook Inspiration 2023 You Must Bookmark

1. Valentina Kova lookbook

Valentina Kova Fashion Lookbook

The first on our list here is this amazing Valentina Kova lookbook by Zipeng Zhu. Surprisingly this lookbook has managed to blend art, geometry, and fashion all together to showcase what true inspiration is.

With a neat background and geometrical shapes complementing the dress, this lookbook showcases a sense of simplicity within each page.

Moreover, the full-length eCommerce photography and composition of the pages make me wish to see more designs, which is exactly the point of any inspiring lookbook.

2. Maykezine

Maykezine Fashion Lookbook

Maykezine is pursued as a young, and bold brand. And if you ask us, it can be really seen in the following fashion lookbook inspiration. With cold colors in the background with the right shadows and pop-out colors, this lookbook sets a new trend.

Moreover talking about the trend, Maykezine is showing the collage with bold text and lifestyle photography in a real commendable manner. 

The brand has decided to reflect the brand’s value, perception, and style quite impactfully. Which turns out to be an inspiration even for the professionals in the industry.

3. Kensie

Kensie Fashion Lookbook Inspiration

Talk about consistency and style, following Kensie will show up first. The gradient background and clean set up makes the magazine a graceful piece of art. We would also like you to note that the lighting setup is placed from a source where the gradient starts(in left).

As a result, the product shows sync and makes eyes stick to the product itself. This really is a true fashion lookbook inspiration, if you wish to showcase modern age fun for your brand.

4. Brora

Brora Fashion Lookbook Inspiration

Note here that the background flowers aren’t actually a part of the magazine but a digital edition only. Brora has worked with only models for all their collections in the following magazine. 

In addition, the magazine comprises crucial types of shots. First, a full-length shot of the model and another a closer shot showing the design of the clothing.

It helps the viewer to actually perceive the way the dress looks from both afar and a closer perspective.

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5. BHV lookbook

BHV Fashion Lookbook Inspiration

If we were to choose a color associated with spring, the probability of you choosing a shade of green is the highest. Now have a look at how the following BHV lookbook has decided to show off green and leaves for their spring collection.

Moreover, in addition to the following leaves on each page, you would also see the temperature of photographs on the warmer side. This again is a clear node to make the viewer feel warmer and see more of the collection.

6. Raquel Couture

Raquel Couture Fashion Lookbook Inspiration

The following lookbook represents the luxurious handcrafted wigs by Raquel Couture. Hence to core focus is on the headshots. More importantly, the lookbook has focused on showcasing the side of the wig from different angles giving the viewer a complete walkthrough.

Every flip in the magazine introduces the new style, with a consistent layout. Right with an enhanced and much closer headshot and left with multiple shots.

It is also a clever trick to put information on the left side, where a viewer would have to pay attention for reading. Whereas in order to have a clear look the image on the right acts as an eye-catcher.

7. Mullier Bauer

Mullier Bauer Fashion Lookbook Inspiration

In the following Mullier Bauer fashion lookbook, we can see a clean seamless walk-through of the collection, with the model posed like a mannequin. The white, grey, and marble blend in seemingly, making the dresses pop really well.

Moreover, due to the clever presentation of the images, seeing through the following magazine seems like going through the storefront in the car looking at all the trendy fashion wears in the stores.

8. Dapper Classics 2020

Dapper Classics Fashion Lookbook Inspiration

Dapper classics 2020 is showcasing the socks in quite a “pick-one” manner. The whole lookbook seems a blend of fancy socks. Also if you observe, the tone of the overall magazine is quite cold.

Setting the tone right really affects the way one goes through lookbooks. Here due to the fact that cooler colors are used, the emphasis on warmer socks is clearly noticeable. The socks are also targeted to the looks of professionals, by showing off the leather shoes, and professionals pants.

9. Catalog 2020 WEB

Catalog Fashion Lookbook Inspiration

With Catalog 2020 WEB by Janouras the brand is specifically targeting working women. And from the first look itself, the fashion lookbook attracts the target audience very profoundly.

Talking about the eCommerce photography style, we can see both lifestyles as well as studio photography in the lookbook. Which helps the viewer to know how the product exactly looks like.

In addition, the lookbook features images of the outdoor shoots too which give the product an overall understanding from a customer viewpoint.

10. MANC Bags Lookbook

Best Fashion Lookbook Inspiration

The falling MANC bags lookbook by Naz introduced their range of handbags and definitely used the lookbook to set as an example. Firstly, the images across the whole book are of high quality.

In addition, they have maintained a subtle consistency within the product images. Complemented with the images of the bag in the natural environment in a not so usual way. Nonetheless, the following fashion lookbook manages to hold the attention of the viewer and fulfills the purpose very well.

11. 202007 Men

Best Fashion Lookbook Inspiration

This as you can see is a fashion lookbook that uses flat lay photography and white background eCommerce photography to show its collection. But unlike other brands using models, Harvey Nichols HK has chosen to go simplistic.

Every page as you can see above has a complete set of outfits. Usually, brands hire a model and then go forward with it. Which is usually costly and can sometimes also undermine the collection.

With the following method, you can specifically draw the attention of the viewer and showcase your collection perfectly.

12. Arietta Australia second edition

Best Fashion Lookbook Inspiration

In the Arietta Australia second edition, you can clearly observe the perfection with the use of grey, white, and shadows. Moreover, it wouldn’t be wrong to point out the high-end retouching in the over-all images to have a seamless consistency.

If you are looking forward to drawing attention to your appearance less in eCommerce photography, then this would be the most right way to present it. With studio photography and no additional props to catch attention, this is the most perfect way to showcase the image.


Best Fashion Lookbook Inspiration

In the above fashion lookbook inspiration, there are enough examples to go simple. But BOEK ANIMAPOP FR is breaking this cycle brilliantly.

The book comprises simple white background eCommerce photography, and while flipping the pages you can see an explosion of colors like above.

Moreover, along with a color blast, you can also see the trippy graphic arts making the overall lookbook stand out.

14. Jon Renau — 2020 Arctic

fashion lookbook inspiration

The following fashion lookbook is to showcase the new bald color wigs. The whole book has a singular model showcasing various wigs of different colors and styles, but with a consistent grey background.

Moreover, in order to reciprocate the brand message of staying bold with your styles, the first page showcases the model bald look with the wig. In addition, the high-end retouch along with a fuzzy look makes every image look eye-catching.

15. Lazybones lookbook March 2020

fashion lookbook inspiration

Finally, the last pick for the fashion lookbook inspiration is the lazybones lookbook march 2020. It showcases different printed outfits with a home setup. Moreover, the soft shadows, with the use of natural lighting make the image look more engaging.

Overall in order to complete the lookbook, the use of flowers and home artifacts is added. Not along with the image, but just beside it fill in space and maintain the color consistency with the pages.

Bonus Read

And with this, we finally conclude the list of 15 best Fashion Lookbook Inspirations 2023 that will help you start to come up with your own idea. You may also enjoy reading 21 Killer Upcoming Fashion Trends You Must Watch Out For!

In addition, these Fashion Lookbook Inspirations are not just saturated in the way of eCommerce photography or product editing, they are also based on the concept behind the lookbook. 

So the finest tip or the learning you can take away from this article is to start by understanding the brand value and the concept behind the lookbook. You can see all the above fashion lookbooks at Flipsnack. 

Moreover, if you are looking for the best fashion image editing service, PixelPhant can provide you with the best image editing solution that you are looking for. Get your free image editing trial by clicking on the “Get Started” button.

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