6 Best Ecommerce Analytics Tools In 2023

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6 Best Ecommerce Analytics Tools In 2023

Ecommerce is very different from any other type of website. So why use or settle for generic dashboards and insights? Here, learn about the 6 best eCommerce analytics tools that you can use to learn more about your customers.

These tools are specially created for eCommerce. Tools that have high accuracy, tracking ability, and insights that every eCommerce marketing, sales, and product team can use.

If you have just started an eCommerce, we will be learning about:

  • What are eCommerce analytics tools?
  • Why use these tools?

But if you are here to see the comparison and pick the one that fits your requirement, here is the list you can learn from.

6 best eCommerce analytics tools in 2023 that you can use

What are eCommerce analytics tools?

Ecommerce Analytics tools are the high-performing, data-driven tools that collect and present insights for your eCommerce to help you improve various aspects of your eCommerce. This includes sales, customer behavior, engagement, page views, returns, refunds, customer satisfaction, and more.

This data drive strategy makes it easy for you to manage your eCommerce, take efficient steps to improve your matrics and stay ahead of the curve to help you grow your eCommerce.

Why use eCommerce Analytics tools?

If you are using Shopify, Woocommerce, or any other platform, you might already have some analytics. Moreover, you also have Google Analytics for your tracking.

But even when you are using all these tools, you are only able to track the generalized data. When you use eCommerce analytics tools for your online store, you can have better insights. Here are some pros of using a dedicated analytics tool for your eCommerce:

  • They provide eCommerce dedicated KPIs (like AOV, Churn Rate, Abandoned cart, etc.)
  • They are easy to integrate with your eCommerce.
  • These tools can analyze sales through multiple sales channels.
  • Setting them up for your online store is easy through their API.
  • They easily track your marketing campaigns and share its report.
  • You get an eCommerce dedicated dashboard to eliminate any confusion.
  • Helps you set better goals and track your progress much more efficiently.

6 Best eCommerce analytics tools in 2023


mixpanel - Ecommerce Analytics Tool

Mixpanel is the most trusted and popular eCommerce analytics tool. It allows you to analyze how your audience is interacting with your store, track the conversion, and understand the user experience across the devices.

The tools are great for analyzing your conversion to improve it, measuring active usage to improve engagement, and finally figuring out retention drivers to improve your returning customers.

They are currently serving over 26,000 companies in different industries. Some of their clients are Uber, Expedia, BuzzFeed, and Yelp.

Mixpanel allows free 100,000 monthly tracked users and the pricing starts at $25 per month.


  • Save events that are important to you and your eCommerce.
  • Segment your customers to target them separately through different campaigns and push notifications.
  • Offers a wide range of options for different departments and administrations like marketing, developers, managers, and administrators


  • You can only see 2 weeks of user flow
  • Advance email tracking tool missing


heap - Ecommerce Analytics Tool

Heap is an eCommerce analytics tool, best known for its ability to track the users on your site. It allows you to pin out the areas where your customers are struggling and help you discover multiple stages of your customer’s journey.

This can be a great tool for the product and the marketing team, as it allows you to quickly understand the huddles in growing your eCommerce conversion.

With Heap, you get campaign management, customizable dashboards, Multiple site management, data connectors, data visualization, customer journey mapping, conversion tracking, and more.

Some of the top brands using Heap are Logitech, Walmart labs, Esurance, Bridgestone, and more.

Heap has a free plan that allows up to 10,000 sessions per month and then the growth plan starts at $3,600 annually.


  • Among the best eCommerce analytics tools for tracking and A/B testing
  • Easy to set up events without a technical background
  • Tracks customer behavior and reports it effectively


  • Configuration and customization are limited
  • Some development skills are required to use the tool’s full potential


edrone - Ecommerce Analytics Tool

Edrone is a dedicated eCommerce analytics tool specialized for enhancing your marketing and sales. It is a complete eCommerce CRM that features functionalities like marketing automation, custom segmentation, social media integration, and more.

Along with all this, the tool also features functionality to set up sales and marketing campaigns like upselling, cross-selling, newsletter content personalization, loyalty program, push notifications, and loyalty programs.

As said, it is among the best eCommerce analytics tools, especially for your marketing teams. The tool can easily integrate with all major eCommerce platforms like Shopify, Magento, etc.

Some of the brands using Edrone are TOUS, Husqvarna, Jean Louis David, and more.

You can contact their sales team to get the best pricing for your eCommerce.


  • In-depth marketing analytics to improve your campaigns
  • Advance reporting along with marketing automation tools
  • Easy to set up and use 


  • No free trial to test the tools first
  • Social media integration is weak but works


owox - Ecommerce Analytics Tool

OWOX BI is an absolute eCommerce analytics tool that has data collection from over 135 marketing sources. The tools can track a customer for over 2 years and along with all the other tools you can create ultimate campaigns to grow your eCommerce.

This tool allows you to track your ROI, customer activities, trends as well as problems that you can work on. The tool is highly focused on helping you improve your eCommerce ROI and integrate all your marketing efforts into one dashboard.

Some of the brands using OWOX BI are Eldorado, BCS Financial Group, Algeco France, and more.

OWOX has a free plan which allows you to use 1 data source, next plan starts at $55/month with more features.


  • Among the best eCommerce analytics tools for marketing
  • Integrates with all channels and helps in identifying the best approach for marketing
  • Eliminates the manual work with data and time spent managing it


  • Complicated and needs support from the OWOX BI team


Optimizely - Ecommerce Analytics Tool

Optimizely is an eCommerce analytics tool with a major focus on experimenting, testing, and personalization. The shares deep insights on how the customer engages with the online store and also the impact of the new changes.

Some of the best features of Optimizely are Data Visualization, Experience management, Conversion rate optimization, and behavior tracking.

Optimizely is highly known for its ability to share a deep understanding of the customers. Brands using Optimizely are eBay, Dolby, Montana, EPOS, and more.

There is no free plan available for Optimizely but you can contact the sales team to request pricing for your eCommerce.


  • Advance A/B testing tools help in curating better customer experience and marketing campaigns
  • Highly visual data for better understanding interpretation
  • Powerful and easy to use even for people with a non-technical background


  • No free trial
  • For beginners, the amount of data can be overwhelming

Crazy Egg

Crazyegg - Ecommerce Analytics Tool

Crazy Egg is our final pick for the best eCommerce analytics tools that you can rely on. It is a tool designed for the product and marketing team. That means from tracking campaigns to improving the customer experience this is one tool that will help you will all the data you need.

The Crazy Egg tool comes with features such as campaign management, engagement tracking, audience targeting, conversion rate optimization, content management, competitive analysis, and more.

The tools are used by brands such as Ring, Sephora, Etsy, L’Oreal, Asics, and more. The basic plan starts at $24 per month and you also get a 30-day free trial.


  • The whole setup is super easy, including A/B testing
  • Highly documented platform to understand it with ease
  • Comes with the best tracking and comparison tools


  • The data provided isn’t in-depth when compared to other tools


And with that, we conclude our pick for the 6 best eCommerce analytics tools. Tools that will help you learn about your sales, marketing, and customer experience. All that depends on how you present your products in your online store.

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