Best Cloud Storage for Photos in 2023 | Cost & Benefits

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Best Cloud Storage for Photos in 2023 | Cost & Benefits

Gone are the days when you were moving your data from one disk to another just to ensure a backup or create storage for the new file. It’s almost 2023 and you need much more mobility, security, and ease of storage for all your files, especially all your photos if you are into the creative business.

If you are a photographer, a professional image editor, a studio manager, or just a casual person who clicks lots of images, the best piece of advice from our side would be to use the Best Cloud Storage For Photos.

If you are unaware of what is cloud storage, what are the benefits of cloud storage for photos, and which are the best cloud storage for photos, we got you covered.

And if you are already aware of these questions, head over to the list below of Top 10 Best Online Photo Storage in 2023. 

What is a Cloud Storage?

Best Cloud Storage For Photos

Cloud storage is a simple method of storing your data online on the internet.

Here, you can easily upload your files, manage them, access them, and download them on any device that has access to the internet and access to your file which is encrypted and safe from any kind of malware, hack, or other malicious activities.

Benefits of Using Cloud Storage For Photos

Now that you are aware of what cloud storage is let us have a look at some points that make them a wise option in today’s world to store your photos on Cloud Storage.

  • Safe and easy way to store your data
  • Easily accessible and easy to share from any of your devices
  • Strong security, protecting your files from crashing getting lost
  • Backup’s your data in case you delete it mistakenly
  • Affordable and very easy to use
  • Almost unlimited amount of data storage possible at a very fair price

And now that you are aware of the benefits of using Cloud storage, here are the Top 10 Best Cloud Storage for Photos in 202.

Best Online Photo Storage in 2023


Best Cloud Storage For Photos

Cost – $119/year for 2TB

Dropbox is one of the most popular and the best cloud storage for photos. Moreover, if you are a photographer or a studio manager, Dropbox is must-try online photo storage in 2023.

Firstly it gives you free 2GB online storage, which might seem less compared to others but here is good news. You can refer to Dropbox to your friends and get 500MB up to 16GB.

In addition, you can even store your images in any type including their RAW formats.


  • Accessible in all types of devices and OS
  • It is very easy to use and has a simple interface to work with.
  • A referral program gives you a good opportunity to expand your storage


Cloud Storage For Photos

Cost – $52.12/year for 5TB

Next on this list of the best cloud storage for photos is the IDrive. It is among the online photo storage which allows you to easily synchronize all your photos and files on all your devices.

In its free version, IDrive allows you to use up to 5GB of its storage, further that you would have to purchase extra storage of 5TB for $3.48.

For photographers, and studio managers you can easily upload all your photos very easily from any of your devices that to while retaining the image quality.


  • Auto sync of your images on all your devices
  • Allows you to retain the quality of your images
  • A very simple interface and easy to use online storage for photos

Adobe Creative Cloud

Best Cloud Storage For Photos

Cost – $119.8/year for 1TB

When it comes to creativity, Adobe is one of the best cloud storage for photos, videos, and files. No matter what profession you are in, if it is related to visual formate you must have heard of Adobe Creative Cloud.

It works with almost every OS, is easily accessible from any device, and supports any file type including RAW file formats.


  • Easy to use and easy to access
  • A very simple interface
  • Allows you to edit your images directly

Mega. NZ

Best Cloud Storage For Photos

Cost – $115.92/year for 2TB

Have you heard of Mega? Well, you surely have and if not you are missing out. Mega is among the few of best cloud storage for photos which have taken encryption and data transferring to a whole new level.

The following 2TB storage plan allows you to transfer files up to 24TB per year. All the data is secured through high encryption and is auto-backup in case you delete it unknowingly.

What about the trash then? Mega helps you clear the rubbish bin according to your own preferences.


  • Zero-knowledge encryption
  • Easy to transfer large files and documents
  • Can easily preview and access the files without a downloading


Best Cloud Storage for Photos

Cost – $25/user per month for Unlimited Storage

Running a business with a lot of images to secure and transfer? Try out Box Cloud storage. An easy-to-use and integrated online photo storage ecosystem that you surely will enjoy.

It creates a folder just across your OS files that you can use and access from your PCs. It easily integrates with both Microsoft and iOS giving you a dedicated folder (rather than a site on your browser) to add, remove, edit or move files just like you would do on a normal folder.

Further, you can easily share the files through a right-click and manage all your files from one place.


  • Security is the top priority
  • Dedicated business solution
  • Easily syncs across the devices
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Best Cloud Storage For Photos

Cost – $120/year to transfer up to 200GB

A perfect and user-friendly solution for transferring files easily. Sounds just like Wetransfer. A simple solution to send and receive files up to 2 GB without even signing up.

If you would like to transfer the files up to 200 GB go Pro. This will unlock some great features such as syncing, adding in your team members, and more.

Moreover, you can also add comments with files (sometimes feels so important to have) along with a customizable URL and background. You know, just to have a little fun.


  • Password protected files transfer
  • Easy to use and transfer files
  • Long-term storage along with customizable URL and background

Amazon Drive

Best Cloud Storage For Photos

Cost – $59.99/year for 1TB

People have mixed feelings when it comes to Amazon Drive. But Amazon Drive has surely made it through the list of the best cloud storage for photos. Why? Its main USP is around photo and video storage rather than other files.

The simple UI has substantially improved and now, the Amazon drive also syncs up the file across the device. Slow but steadily Amazon is driving people to use the Drive. And if you are looking to just keep your files backed up, must try Amazon Drive.


  • Simple and easy to use UI
  • Prime users get unlimited photo storage
  • One can easily access it through Web browsers

Best Cloud Storage For Photos

Cost – $10/user per month for 1TB

When we talk about Files, it is important to address that unlike other best cloud storage for photos, it is a full-stack solution for file transferring and management.

This means one can easily connect inbound and outbound via SDK, SFTP, API, and CLI. The main focus of this tool is mostly on automation. So if you are a fan of reducing repetitive work, you must try out Files.


  • Files can be compressed to save storage
  • Easy remote access
  • The enhanced data retrieval technique


Best Cloud Storage For Photos

Cost – $350 (one-time payment) for 2TB

The pCloud file storage solution has stood out on many levels but pricing has caught our eyes. For a one-time payment of $350, you have lifetime access to 2 TB of storage. 

Fairtrade at a reasonable price if you are looking to secure some very important files without a reminder to renew the storage.

Other than this, the pCloud ensures security and 30-day trash history. Ensuring you don’t lose files by a mistake.


  • One time payment cycle
  • In-build media usability 
  • Remote access to all your files

Microsoft OneDrive

Best Cloud Storage For Photos

Cost – $69.99/year for 1TB space and core Office apps

The pricing of Onedrive is subsequently different if you go with their business plan. Being among the list of best cloud storage for photos, Onedrive offers some great features that you must be aware of.

Most importantly the interface. It is very easy to navigate through the Onedrive. Not just photos, it supports all kinds of file formats hence one place solutions for all your files.


  • Organizing file is very easy
  • Can be easily shared with large teams
  • Supports multimedia

To Conclude

The use of the best cloud storage for photos and all other online photo storage services has been growing subsequently over the years. Now, with the world organization shifting to remote working, the use of such services will grow with that.

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