5 Best Canva Alternatives For Beginners To Pro (Free)

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5 Best Canva Alternatives For Beginners To Pro (Free)

Canva is definitely among the most helpful tool in creating free designs. I personally use it for creating social media posts, banners, feature images of the blog posts, and everything related to the presentation.

But over time, I felt a need to look out for some Canva alternatives. Not because I avoided using Canva, but design tools that can help me improve the output that I prefer for my work.

Some of the Canva alternatives I came across are definitely just better at some things. And in this post, I would like to share them with you.

Here’s a look at the 5 best Canva Alternatives that you can use:

Each of the above Canva Alternatives is a fantastic design tool for beginners. So without taking any more time, let us quickly learn more about them and see why I use them.

5 Best Canva Alternatives For Beginners To Pro

Content Drip

Content Drip - Canva Alternative

Content Drip is among the best Canva alternatives for social media work. Carousel posts are among the most trending forms of images that you can use to engage your audience. And while Canva would let you create single social media posts, for a carousel you have to struggle a lot.

Content Drip makes that whole process smooth and super easy. You can either pick from various templates and edit each of their elements (like in Canva).

The plus side here is you can create a single and wide image that later breaks into multiple images for your Carousel. It is a design tool for beginners and I absolutely prefer it to everyone who is trying to build an engaging social media presence.


Visme - Canva Alternative

Visme was actually the first tool that I came across when looking for the best Canva Alternatives and design tools for beginners. It has a very professional vibe to it and it is surely a direct competitor of Canva in terms of corporate designs.

I mean the main focus of the Visme tool is mostly on presentation, creating mockups, infographics, charts, etc. And they are good at it.

Unlike Canva where the templates feel too modern for many organization heads, Visme templates are well balanced in delivering something new, while keeping it somewhat official


Polotno Canva Alternative

Polonto is still at its early stage, but this design tool has got me hooked on it. It’s free, snappy, and delivers an amazing design experience. It feels like the team studied the user experience of Canva, picked the strengths, and eliminated the problems within it.

The tools have collaborated with other free and amazing tools to bring in various elements for the design. For stock photos the app sources images directly from Unsplash without us leaving the studio. For Icons they use Iconscout.

These small features save me a lot of time when creating an image. The tool may feel a little different, but nothing strange. Anyone can just pick on the ease of use from this amazing Canva alternative.


VistaCreate - Canva Alternative

VistaCreate (previously Crello) truly justifies the term best Canva alternative. The whole designing studio feels natural if you are switching from Canva. But to the top, VistaCreate has dedicated animation and music for our design.

Does Canva have this?

Yes, but in my experience, VistaCreates is better at the elements that we can add to our image. They have a better library of options that helps create trending and eye-catching posts much more easily and effectively.

Adobe Express (Adobe Spark)

Adobe Express - Canva Alternative

Adobe is not a new name when it comes to designing. And now with Adobe Express, they are making content creation even easier for everyone. Earlier this year, I tried Adobe Spark App on mobile. Not the best experience.

But when I tried it on my desktop, I loved it. Simple, plain, and direct. Something that I prefer when I create complex designs.

The tool has some amazing features like seeing layers, adding animations, editing every single element, and most importantly removing the background.

All this makes Adobe Express among the best Canva Alternative for beginners and professionals.

Bonus Read

These are some of the best design tools and more specifically the best Canva Alternatives that I have used to create images in the past. I still use Canva regularly, when I have to pick a particular project in my hand, I’ll go for one of the tools mentioned above.

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