6 Best Art Marketing Ideas To Grow An Art Business Online

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6 Best Art Marketing Ideas To Grow An Art Business Online

Being an artist is tough and to grow an art business and sell art online, you need a powerful and effective art marketing strategy.

This might seem like a crucial thing, but let me tell you, it’s easier than it sounds. In this article, I’ll be telling you about the 6 best art marketing ideas to sell art online quickly and profitably to grow your art business.

What Is Art Marketing?

Art Marketing

Art marketing is the process to create awareness and interest among a set of people to encourage them to engage with the business and buy the art.

Different marketing strategies and techniques are used to generate desire among the target audience of the business to increase sales.

6 Best Art Marketing Ideas

1. Determine your target audience

Art Marketing

Before building and implementing your art marketing strategy, it’s important to determine your target audience.

It’s important for you to understand that not everyone can be your target audience. And, your time and effort should only be directed towards a set of a group that is interested in your products – as for the fact here, they must be interested in the art you’re selling.

Create an imaginary buyer in your head and ask these questions:

  • Does he/she live in the areas I sell art online?
  • Can his/her income afford the prices of my art?
  • Do his/her interests match with my business?
  • If I am to just sell art online, is he/she familiar with the internet?

Asking these questions will help you personify your buyers and help you create better art marketing strategies further.

For example, if you’re just looking to sell art online in America, you may not need to include any buyers that are living outside America. Also, you’ll want to know what section of the society are you targeting based on your prices. You may only want to target people involved in professions that can afford your art.

2. Optimize your website

Art Marketing Ideas

The next most important art marketing idea is to optimize your website. The primary platform from where your buyers can buy art online is your website.

Thus, it’s important that your website is user-friendly, fast loading, eye-pleasing, and well updated. You do not want your buyers to get frustrated with a slow loading or complex website.

Keep the common features like the search bar, filters, prices, descriptions, and checkout method all easy to access. This will ensure that your buyers can seamlessly interact with your website and no secondary factors can put hurdles in their purchase.

3. Focus more on the images you are displaying

Art Marketing

Your product images are the bridge between your customers and the actual product. The only way your customers can make up their minds is by looking a the product photos.

If your product images are dull, distorted, and unattractive, they are not likely to buy anything, to successfully sell art online and grow an art business, you must display high-quality, professional product images.

If you’re not sure how you can do that, you can simply outsource product image editing. this is one of the best art marketing ideas.

The experts at the product photo editing company can help you remove imperfections like dust, scratches, and, reflections, remove background to bring consistency to your images, correct colors to make the product images look as real as the product in real life, and more.

The professional knows better how to make your product photos look engaging and professional to increase sales.

4. Leverage Social Media

Art Marketing

Social media marketing is one of the best art marketing ideas. Social platforms are the best places to promote your art online. There are billions of users active on multiple platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Leveraging relevant platforms to your niche is a fantastic way to grow an art business online. The best places to particularly promote and sell art online are Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.

Create 360 videos and short videos that can be used for Instagram reels, Facebook short videos, and Pinterest videos. High-quality lifestyle images of the products can be used for Pinterest pins and other Instagram and Facebook posts.

You can create long videos explaining the details of your art product or showing the making of it and use it for YouTube videos.

Facebook and Instagram are also great places to create or join communities that have similar interests to your niche. You can promote your art business in such groups and open a doorway to get more potential customers.

5. Use multiple platforms to sell art online

Art Marketing

The next best art marketing practice is to sell art online on multiple different platforms. Though your website is your primary place to sell art online, don’t forget to make use of the places that already have a large number of potential audiences that are interested in your products.

The best platforms to sell art online are:

These platforms already have huge active traffic coming in regularly. Listing your art products on these sites is a great way to gain sales and awareness without any extra effort. You do not need to reach out to your potential customers individually since almost all of them are lurking over these sites.

6. Prioritize the market potential in your local area

Art Marketing

If you’re also selling locally, it’s best to build a strong market within your local area. For your digital art marketing ideas, before you tag the entire country or other countries where you sell art online, just tag your state or location initially.

This will narrow down your reach and allow you to easily reach the market within your reach. Whereas, tagging a wider location may slim your chances of getting any reach. The best art marketing strategy to grow an art business locally is to use Google My Business.

This will not only help you grow online but also offline. Your location, your product images, your contact details, ratings, and more can all be easily available to your customers living in your area. It’s best to build locally and then expand your business throughout the globe.

Bonus Read

The key to growing your art business and retrieving the benefits of these art marketing ideas is to be consistent at selling your art and practicing these strategies. Follow these 6 effective and simple art marketing ideas to successfully boost your business.

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