5 Tips For Google Ads For Fashion Ecommerce

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5 Tips For Google Ads For Fashion Ecommerce

Thinking to get started with Google Ads for fashion eCommerce? Let me just start this article by saying that the results can be addictive.

Google Ads are one of the most popular forms of ad, trusted by 80% of global businesses.

That being said, Google ads for fashion eCommerce can also be a little intimidating. After all, you want to make sure that the cost of acquiring new customers pays off.

In this guide, I am sharing with you, 5 effective tips for Google ads for fashion eCommerce. Tips that you can start using in your next campaign to ensure that you see the best results.

But before jumping into specifics, here are a few Google ads tips that you must follow:

  • Do thorough keyword and target audience research before spending a dime.
  • Have a clear objective/goal of what exactly are you looking for.
  • Aim towards scoring a high ad score and a good customer experience.
  • Be very targeted and focused on what you are looking at
  • Keep track of everything – research, implementation, and results.

Now that we are done with the Google ads good practices, let us get started with fashion eCommerce.

Tips For Google Ads For Fashion Ecommerce

Use Google Shopping

Use Google Shopping

Across US online retail, Google Shopping ads win 85.3% of all clicks. That means, that not only are the Google shopping ads good, but they are also extremely efficient.

The reason is the ability to interact with the products through images. Product images play a huge role in attracting customers, and Google Shopping uses this visual ability to attract customers for fashion eCommerce.

These types of ads appear on buying intent keywords, which means these customers are most likely to make a purchase.

Make sure that you are using high-quality product images that present your product more professionally. In addition to that, it also suggested running these campaigns on Google’s search partner as well.

This will make your ads appear in the images section as well.

Bid On Your Brand

Bid On Your Brand

You might have often seen that many popular brands run Google ads on their own brand name, even when they are ranking.

Are they wasting ad budget?

Definitely not. Rather they are smartly using their brand name to attract more customers and engage with them.

Running these ads allows you to dominate the search results whenever someone searches for a brand, even in broad terms. An effective tip for Google ads for fashion eCommerce would be to run shopping ads and search ads on the brand name.

This way, customers will be able to interact with your product even before loading the site. Running the brand name keyword also allows you to change your landing page.

If you have a lower conversion rate through your homepage, use brand name ads to direct them towards the page with high conversion.

Utilize Ad Extensions

Utilize Ad Extensions

Ad Extensions are a special addition to Google search ads. These make your ads stand out and improve the overall interaction and impact of Google Ads for fashion eCommerce.

But you may also note that the extensions won’t appear every time your ads are shown. Google will decide based on how the ads are performing, what people are searching for, and other factors.

Non the less, adding an extension on your part, gives visitors an extra push to interact with your ad more easily. These extensions could be price extinction, ratings, links to other pages, and more.

Retarget With Display Ads

Any ad campaign is incomplete if it is not followed up with retargeting. Why? Because retargeting can lift the ad engagement by 400%.

Moreover, when visitors land on your eCommerce, it is likely that they are thinking of buying. Here, using display ads can allow showcasing your products even when they leave your site.

Display ads by Google are one of the best Google ads for fashion eCommerce as it allows you to showcase your products.

Moreover, Google will show your Display ads even on the websites with Google Adsense. Enhancing your reach and helping you persuade more customers towards your fashion eCommerce.

Specify Negative Keywords

Negative keywords are as important as the keywords you are targeting. It helps you create a perfect campaign for your Google ads for fashion eCommerce. That is why, when creating a campaign add in the negative keywords that you don’t want to show your ads on.

For fashion eCommerce, it is likely to put keywords such as “free” in negative keywords. This will help you ensure that the ad is shown to people who have a very high intent of buying what you are selling.

Bonus Read

I am sure, preparing for google ads for fashion eCommerce has given us a lot of insight on do’s and don’t. And one thing that can’t be overlooked here is how you present your products.

From landing on a page to running your shopping and display ads, your product photos are your eCommerce true assets.

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