10 Best 360 Cameras Every Photographer Should Own

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10 Best 360 Cameras Every Photographer Should Own

The camera is the primary tool of every photographer. Whether you’re a professional photographer or an amateur, you must be well-equipped with the necessary cameras and equipment. We have already discussed the best camera for product photography. Taking a step ahead in the new science of photography, let’s talk about 360 cameras are a must to have.

In today’s world, where photography is not just limited to a hobby but has become a well-established industry, photographers are required to keep up with the trends and survive the surging competition.

Since businesses and people use it to add aesthetics to their website, social channels, and events, there is one kind of photography that is highly reaching the sky. And, that is 360 photography.

However, there are several ways and techniques to carry out remarkable 360 photography, the easiest and most popular way is to use 360 cameras.

Yes, you heard it right! 360 cameras are an incredible technology that allows you to capture the 360 views of an entire scene – no matter how you hold it, where you point it, the 360 cameras will capture everything to justify its name.

There are a number of good 360 cameras available in the market that work wonderfully. But, which ones are the best?

This list talks about the 10 best 360 cameras that you can buy with your eyes closed.

10 Best 360 Cameras

1. GoPro Max

360 Cameras

64x69x40 mm | 6K/5.6K stitched resolution | $499

Check any list of best 360 cameras, you just can’t scroll further without seeing GoPro Max at the top.

GoPro Max is the leader of 360 cameras and captures breathtaking 360 photos.

The best thing about using such 360 cameras is that no matter who hit the click button, a beginner or an experienced photographer, it will only capture photos like a pro.

You can’t be disappointed once you own this 360 camera.

GoPro Max offers an excellent app experience, captures unique and dynamic clips, and has multi-function capabilities.

However, you may not get the traditional 4K video capture. Also, since 2019, it doesn’t have any PC editing app.

But what the GoPro Max waterproof 360 camera has to offer is far more than the downsides. Its magical and sensational performance is everything that you can ask for.

In fact, the GoPro Max 360 camera is so perfect that it could really become the future of filmmaking. Thus, once you have it, you don’t need to search for any 360 cameras anymore.

2. Insta360 One X2

360 Cameras

462x113x29.8 mm | 18.5 MP | $429.99

Insta360 is another incredible and fascinatingly creative 360 camera.

It’s quite impressive how effortlessly Insta360 produces images and videos along with providing wonder AI editing modes for videos and images.

The ‘SteadyCam’ and ‘Multiview’ modes are simply perfect for filmmakers. This 360 camera is the definition of excellent colors and details.

Although it requires only the latest phones to channel its intense-processing apps, the editing may come in handy with time and experience.

But, if you’re ambitious and a professional filmmaker, this is among the best 360 cameras you must have.

3. Insta360 Evo

360 Cameras

3.87×1.93×1.04 inches | 18 MP resolution | $999.99

Insta360 Evo is a decent 360 camera with a battery life of 65 working minutes.

This 360 camera gives you the experience better than what you can see with your naked eyes. Insta360 Evo captures lively, in-depth images giving value to immersive details.

Under $500 you get to capture breathtaking shots with 180 degrees 3D capturing and the obvious 360-degree view.

It offers flawless Flowstate Stabilization and 5.7k video quality with 18 MP image quality to give you a complete HDR experience.

4. Kandao QooCam 8K

360 cameras for photography

145x57x33mm | 7.7K resolution | $762.42

Kadao QooCam could genuinely be your best choice for the 360 cameras.

It offers amazing image quality. The perfect 10-bit color, astounding 1/1.7 inch CMOS sensor, and the obvious 8K takes care of all your needs and beyond.

Being on a bit expensive side and not being waterproof might make you think twice. However, it’s built to create sharp and Super-Steady videos that you can even create in 4K 120 fps slow-mo!

Given what it does is far better than what it can’t.

5. Insta360 One R Twin Edition

360 Cameras

72x48x32.4mm | 5.7K resolution | $479.95

This 360 camera comes with interchangeable lens options. R Twin was released recently in 2020 and has gained an lpt of attention for its remarkable performance.

This ‘Twin Edition’ has 2 cameras in one and is the perfect preposition of 360 and 4k.

You can take amazing RAW images and videos at 100mbps. 

Despite its relatively small touch screen, this 360 camera has fascinating additional features like 1-inch action cam mode, 5m of waterproofing, AI actions, auto-frame mode, and 1 inch Leica camera mode.

6. Insta360 One R 360 Edition

360 Cameras

9.1×4.3×2.4 inch | 18.5 MP | $429.99

The One R series of Insta360 is great. This 360 camera has a very effective modular design that most photographers look for.

Plus, its solid 360 image quality makes it the best buy. The stitching in it is excellent and so is the stabilization.

The 360 camera also has a 1-inch sensor module along with a dual-lens element which is another great feature.

7. Insta360 One X

360 Cameras

115x48x28mm | 5.7K resolution | $549

One X is a slim, pocket-size camera that offers amazing stabilization.

With its app, you can perform advanced editing and subject tracking. This 360 camera creates a good play about this camera’s ‘Flowstate Stabilization’ and 6-axis gyro system, and it’s as good as they say from every bit.

8. HumanEyes Vuze XR

360 cameras for photography

152x56x39mm | 5.7K resolution | $399

Vuze XR is among those 360 cameras that offer dual shooting mode – you can say you’re paying for two cameras for the price of one!

It is made to shoot 180 and 360 degrees photos and videos into an intuitive and simple process. With just the press of a button, you can switch between 2D and 3D modes and take VR footage as you like.

It has a decent battery life and a simple app but the features make it totally worth the price.

9. GoPro Fusion

360 Cameras

1.61×2.6×2.87 inches | 5.2K resolution | $299.99

GoPro Fusion seriously deserves to be in the at least top 3 for the list of best 360 cameras. This is the best 360 camera you can get at this price.

The 5.2K video resolution is remarkable for its astounding quality and the 18MP spherical photo lens is great in its own sense.

GoPro normal, as well as 360 cameras, are all waterproof which makes underwater photography a rich experience for you.

Add a compass, GPS, accelerometer, 3D audio, wifi, Bluetooth, gyroscope, decent 70 minutes battery life, and compatibility with current GoPro mounts and underwater (up to 5m, GoPro Fusion is a powerful 360 camera for its price.

10. Ricoh Theta V

360 Cameras

3840×1920 pixels | 4K resolution | $375.99

Ricoh Theta V is another great 360 camera. It allows you to take 4K 360-degree videos and comes with a powerful mic input.

Along with 4K video capturing, this 360 camera also has 14.5 MP imaging and dual f/2 lenses. The availability of wi-fi and Bluetooth offers flawless live streaming support and works beautifully with Android as well as iOS.

What may concern you is that this 360 camera is not waterproof and you may want to purchase a waterproof case additionally.

It also doesn’t have any expandable storage and the videos can only be taken at 30 fps.

Wrapping Up

360 cameras are the ‘New Normal’ of the photography industry. These cameras are a must-have accessory despite having usual digital cameras.

360 cameras are the future of filmmaking. They are portable, powerful, and come with amazing video and image quality. 

The best 360 cameras mentioned in this article are all under $1000 and $500. So as affordable they are, their performances are incompatible.

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