Top 10 New E-commerce Trends of 2018

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Top 10 New E-commerce Trends of 2018

As we know, the eCommerce industry is unstoppably booming. Firstly In this blog, we are discussing top 10 new eCommerce trends in 2018.

Nowadays, stores can’t compete without offering any excellent eCommerce options. According to research, around 56% of in-store purchases are done by digital commerce. That means if you can’t reach your potential customers online. You could lose a significant amount of revenues.


I’m here to tell you guys about the 10 eCommerce trends that are booming the online market.

You may find some measurable and impact marketing campaigns after reading this blog.

The rise of E-commerce is impacting all the digital markets. According to me, posting images on the sites are not enough. You have to do something else to allow your ideal customers to find you.

For helping you, I’m sharing some eCommerce Trends. These trends will help you in growing your online presence rapidly.

1. Shopping Natively

Nowadays the audience favors video content 160x more than non-native content. This shows people are much interested in visual platforms. We know that millions of people use Instagram and Pinterest. They don’t want to leave the platforms and visit your sites. So, show your online presence on their preferred platforms.

Like you can show your product images on Instagram. The user is interested in your product then he will click on the image for further details.

2. AR & VR

Among all the eCommerce trends, Augment reality, and virtual reality is gaining more attention. Eventually, the use of AR and VR will raise the standards of the company.

Actually, I prefer seeing a product at my home before purchasing it.

By using AR and VR, interior decorators and home design companies found their sales increased by 11x. Some companies are allowing you to keep 3D products in your home. This lets you know how the product will look and how much space will be covered by the product.

Isn’t that amazing… Without buying you have every detail about your product. We know that E-commerce is growing. So the user will prefer the companies that allow them to test the product visually before purchasing.

3. Online Ordering with Chatbots

Chatbots and Automation are essential parts as they give the advantage of marketing, sales, and customer service. Chatbots is one of the biggest eCommerce trends in 2018 as compared to other eCommerce trends.

You can provide every detail of your product using chatbots. This will be helpful for your company as it will present your company as a forward-thinking company.

If it makes sense for your business, you can create chatbots. In a few years, this may become a mainstream way of ordering products.

4. Voice search compatibility

Voice-activated devices are growing rapidly. Soon the voice search will become the preferred method of search. Approximately 40% of people are already using voice search before making any online purchase. It’s high time to optimize your business for voice search.

Even I prefer searching for products via voice search. This saves me time and gives quicker results.

Since voice search is 3x preferred, it’s essential to update your business listings on Google. It should have an updated address, reviews, and other necessary information.

5. Mobile friendly

In the last six months, 62% of users have done online shopping using their mobile phones. Mobile purchasing is getting more common these days. Creating an optimized mobile application for your business is crucial.

The one-click payments are winning the heart of users. This is encouraging users to switch from desktop to mobile phones. Soon mobiles will become the preferred method for E-commerce transactions. According to estimation, 70% of eCommerce traffic will be increased by the end of this year.

Generally, Mobile friendly E-commerce saves you from those extra-long waiting lines. Mobile friendly stores give a new pool of in-store consumers. I think this investment is worthwhile.

6. Research Online, Purchase Offline

It’s a bit tricky to track, which digital effort is translating offline sales. ROPO measure how well digital ads are contributing to in-store sales.

ROPO combines information from social media, in-store inventory, analytics tools, CRM systems, geolocation, and many more, for figuring out which source led more consumers to in-store sales.

The information is invaluable. As after knowing which digital ad is most efficiently increasing the sales, you can create more targeted campaigns to increase conversions.

7. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Even without realizing, we are using AI and Machine learning every day.

While using an eCommerce site, you get recommendations on the basis of your preferred choices and search. Actually this is machine learning.  The algorithms keep track of your preferred choices and notify you when you are available.

Other eCommerce platforms are also trying to give benefits to users by using machine learning and algorithms such that they can easily deliver the content to their target audience. In the near future, all the content will be divided by AI and machine learning so that customers can have the most interesting content.

8. Image search

The image search option lets you search your preferred product on other platforms with better prices. You can take a picture of a product and check its online presence on different platforms to find a similar product for a better deal.

Since image search is giving the opportunity to search for similar products at lower prices, it will eventually drive more customers to shop online.

Few eCommerce businesses have successfully implemented this function in their online stores. Pinterest has an image search function. Target will allow the consumers to search the image and find a similar image in the target’s online catalog.

9. High-quality product videos

When consumers visit an online store, they have any questions regarding the product. You have to answer their question in a digital way, and the easiest way is to answer them through videos.

A high-quality video about your product (design and function too) is the best answer to all the consumers. Your video can be appealing and emotional. This will convince users to take more interest in your product.

You can tell your users how to use the product, and what are the advantages of using it. This will make them feel more satisfied with the product.

10. Delivery day

Many eCommerce websites are starting the same-day or next-day delivery process. This is grabbing more inclination of users towards their products and application. Generally, People want their products fast and in a safe way. People are comfortable in paying extra as your eCommerce is providing additional services to them.

In short, Many users want same-day delivery. If you can’t give them, they’ll go to your competitors who are willing to take over your business.

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Wrapping up

Through the browsers is an essential interface. Consumers and buyers looking for their useful products. They will be using other means for completing the transaction. Everything is possible with mobile devices, AI, Augmented reality, and many other technologies.

Nowadays, there is no absolute dependence on traffic on browsers. Online purchasing is the easiest way of buying for mobile users. The browser-less purchase will keep on increasing with the passing year. Most importantly eCommerce trends may vary in the coming year, but going with the trend is useful.

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